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  • Marketing Mechanism/ Campaign to boost B2B clients to use an online platform

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  • Jessica

    September 15, 2019 at 11:49 am

    Hello hq overview, Where I work we have this business platform dedicated to B2B clients where they can place orders. However, from the numbers I get month by month, there are not a lot of clients who use this platform, rather the clients prefer to call the call center and manually place them which results in hours of work and workload. The target audience is comprise of fleet car owners, managers of logistics companies, construction companies and agriculturist, the majority of people having a low to medium knowledge in how to use a computer (they have an e-mail adress and check their e-mails). My goal is to increase the number of orders that are placed on that online platform. In terms of segmentation, I wanted to focus on customers that, at this moment, order multiple times a month but through the call center and not through the online platform (e.g. from 12 to 70 order per month) so relatively big customers. Now, What ideas do you have as marketing mechanism/campaign in order to increase the number of orders online. My Ideas were to create a series of tutorials in order to show them how easy is to use the platform, highlighting the cost savings. Moreover, I would work alongside sales agents and together go to the big customers and offer training sessions to help them understand how to place orders. I was also thinking of a sweepstakes where each order placed on the platform represents a chance to win a prize (the prize being one of our products from our portfolio). But I love to hear your thoughts and suggestions hq overview or, if you know other best practices from the industry. Thank you in advance and may you have a good day! – by hq overview RockerUndercover – –

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