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  • David

    September 30, 2019 at 3:18 pm

    tl;dr scan comments and dm clients directly. Effective sales and marketing strategies are relatively work intensive. I wrote “effective,” because at certain budget levels the conversion rate is very low. I only focus on one metric when building a start-up brand, that’s conversion, or making a client perform the action you want, this is typically one of two things: Creating a LEAD by capturing contact information and beginning a conversation Receiving a PUCHASE of your product or service Metrics such as “link clicks,” “impressions,” and the various other metrics are really for the advertising platforms to say “thanks for spending money with us, here is how our marketing to you has increased our sales and the delivery of views we have given you.” Metrics such as a Name and a E-Mail, or a Purchase are all that really matters. For your $100, how many people bought or signed up, that’s all that matters. One strategy I recommend to all of my clients is called Piggyback marketing, it’s harder to track with metrics but it’s highly effective. Overview: I’m going to use an example of a Vacation Rental Company, as this was a recent client who deployed this strategy to success, who rents properties and wants more clients. Their marketing budget is around $1,000/month for Facebook/Instagram ads. But honestly, you can do this if you have a Beverage Company, a Toy Company, a Makeup Business, it doesn’t really matter, the strategy is the same. Getting Started: In this case I’ve found a company, called HomeAway for my client. The have about 3-4 million Facebook subscribers, they have great market penetration and an active following, their posts receive 50-900 comments each. Finding your clients is as easy as finding the major market leader and harvesting their data. How to do it: Start the posts that most closely match your clients, scroll through the comments and choose anyone that stands out to you, right-click their name and start a conversation. How to capture their information: If you have a service mention it during your conversation, if you have a product, make them a custom coupon code with their name on it. When to stop: Typically, social platforms like Facebook and Instagram will tell you to stop after around 50 messages per day. Stop once you get the message, if you continue, the platform will most likely give you a 1 week break. Don’t copy-paste your pitch and rapid fire, this will trigger spam algorithms and shut you down as well. How to approach your communications: Think of people as if you owned a brick and mortar store, if they’re not interested they’ll let you know. Don’t push the subject and don’t take it personally, just move on to the next person. If you have any questions, let me know, thanks! – by hq overview Creatibly – –

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