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  • David

    September 30, 2019 at 11:47 pm

    After 20 years in the corporate world, I’m making my first foray into entrepreneurship. I have incorporated an entity (as an s-corp), secured the domain, instagram, fb, snapchat, and social media handles and am working on trademarking the name before hopefully going live with an MVP in early Nov. The business idea is based on building a brand around a provocative NSFW pun. Similar to “pussy hats,” those pink cat eared hats that went viral after the Trump interview was released. My product has absolutely nothing at all to do with politics, but will I have a hard time advertising on the social media platforms I named – either via hashtags, ads, or sponsored posts if the product itself is (for example) clearly for cats but a common-usage profane interpretation exists? I am getting the impression that a lot of ad blocking / content blocking is done algorithmically and that there is, for instance with instagram, virtually no chance of appealing a decision to a rational human. I am worried that either I won’t be able to market the product and business, or worse, that I will be banned from the platforms with no human intervention at all. This is my first ever hq overview post, so go easy on me please. – by hq overview viktorylap – –

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