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  • Massive Dynamic theme has been a nightmare

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  • Deborah

    November 11, 2019 at 5:32 pm

    I got the massive dynamic theme for a new ecommerce website. I’m new to using themes and didn’t use the child’s theme as some have suggested I should have. Massive dynamic is easily customizable and is like Wix in that you can drag segments. I loved the appearance, until there was an update and the appearance had all these changes. Even before the update, I am pretty sure that the appearance was changing around on me. So I installed the update, and am having some strange issues. The layout hadn’t changed, it was still out of wack. Also, the site preview has a completely different appearance than the published version. Even before the update, I had a day where all the text was changing colors on me, and the location of the text was changing. The issues are erratic. I contacted support and they have made some changes but really haven’t been much help. The mobile view was out of wack, with text cut off, after they changed that the desktop version had all this text that was no longer centered. Been a frustrating experience with this theme. Since I’m new to all this, what is the process of removing the theme and starting from scratch? The company offered a refund, it doesn’t seem like they are getting to the bottom of the issue. Any good themes you can recommend for an ecommerce website? – by hq overview AromaticMidnight – –

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