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  • Matchmaking is still absolutely garbage in NA 3-4.5k MMR range. : DotA2

     Arianna updated 1 week, 4 days ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    February 15, 2020 at 8:18 am

    Whoever programmed this new system is a total piece of @&*%, that’s the bottom line here’s why:

    It’s very clear the whole system is designed to please free to play players. That’s their whole business model.

    The problem is players like me who do the best on their team almost every game… we still can’t even get 50% win rate with this new Ranked Roles System.

    I was rocking literally over 65% win rate solo que ranked the last 6 months before this change where they removed Team MMR and created some completely idiotic Ranked Roles System that nobody except 2k MMR free to players wanted to begin with…

    It’s disgusting how my matches are continuously shit every day since this change. I haven’t had 1 single day in over 140 games, where I felt “hmm that was good Dota.”

    I used to feel that every single day. From my solo placements at 1800 MMR to when I dropped to 500 solo mmr (had no idea wtf I was doing, even though I was semi elite in other games this was the first game of this type I ever played)…

    All the way up to climbing from 500 solo MMR to 4400 Solo MMR, It wasn’t easy but it felt rewarding. I felt like I was improving. I felt like the game was really good.

    I can’t say that anymore. The game doesn’t feel good. Average time of matches is like 33 minutes? That’s a stomp ladies and gentlemen… plain and simple the average game of Dota is a meaningless stomp, it’s not fun. Even when I win it’s not fun I wasn’t challenged even momentarily wtf kind of game design is this??? The game has conclusively garbage matchmaking in Stict Solo Ranked Roles, it’s embarrassing! it’s a total farce.

    Like I said it’s not a small sample size anymore… it’s well over 100 ranked games played since the change and there’s not been 1 single good day. My behavior score is 9995… ?

    Post image

    I’m not talking strictly wins and losses although that too seems very trash since on average I think I do by far the best on my team and somehow I’m like 40% win rate???

    I think they took the hidden MMR too far in this new system, people don’t even understand basic dota concepts for like 5v5 team fights and the role they are supposed to fill. Every time I play offlane my useless mid and safelane bitch non stop even though they clearly have no idea of basic dota concepts for team play.

    For Example:

    2 days ago I picked Offlane Legion Commander into Dark Willow, Shadow Shaman, and Slardar. ANY DOTA PLAYER WITH AN IQ ABOVE AVERAGE SHOULD KNOW ALREADY… if you picked Legion into these heroes you are trying to play UTILITY ROLE. You want to have a solid lane phase, and you want to be able to use your STRONG DISPEL to help your mid and safe be able to carry against these 3 starting enemy draft picks that all have extremely strong spells that can change the game if not dispelled.

    Does my team understand that??? No they want me to rush buy blink and carry with duel initiations even though the enemy draft is Riki (can blind me so my accuracy is garbage), Shadow Shaman can Hex or Shackle me, Dark Willow AOE fear + stun, Slardar multiple stuns, and Ember Spirit can easily shackle before I duel…

    How is it that my duel is literally super countered by 4 enemy heroes, and I obviously picked INTO that purposefully because my dispel is godly vs their first 3 picks…??? All of this goes completely over my teammates head, they don’t understand basic Dota. And they are completely useless and ignorant, and toxic. They didn’t play correctly at all even though my pick is super obvious why I’m doing this…

    Do I need to baby sit every single team and explain why I picked my hero and how their heroes should work? Because that’s how bad the matchmaking is right now… even when there’s a semi ok draft people don’t get how to play. Most the time they just throw though like today my Drow Ranger picked into PL. And I had a safelane Alch on my team…

    Even though I did most damage in 2 out of 3 games played today (Including out damaging my mid sniper???)…

    Even though I had top damage on team every game today.

    Even though I had top net worth on team every game today (including an Alchemist???)…

    I still went 1-2.

    No matter how well I play in comparison to my average teammates (or like basically every teammate)… I’m still losing more than half my games… And the games I do win are a joke stomp too… It’s just all joke stomps.

    TLDR: Requesting strict solo ques with no roles and the old hidden MMR before the removal of team MMR… this new thing is so bad. It’s impossible to enjoy, then again I’m sure the worst of a player you are the hidden mmr compensates for it so it seems better to you. But if you are over performing in this new system you just get punished every single day for over 120+ games. It’s really unacceptable I keep waiting for things to be fair but I don’t think they care with this free to play garbage business model. AS LONG AS BAD PLAYERS ARE AROUND 50% THEY FRANKLY DON’T CARE IF THE RARE GOOD PLAYER IS SOMEHOW UNDER 50%… SAD BUT TRUE.

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