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  • Mediocre site is nearing 100k views/month. How to monetize?

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  • Kat

    October 31, 2019 at 3:03 am

    I have a site in the beauty,style and fashion niche which is about to hit 100k pageviews in a week or two. I am currently running Ezoic ads on it but the earnings are poor. I’m barely making $300 to $500 a month. I feel it should be way higher given my niche and views. Atleast over $1k/month. But at the same time, my site is not a great blog. It is a mediocre site with below average content outsourced by third worlders and listicle type content. I applied to mediavine twice and got rejected both the times. I will be applying to adthrive but I don’t feel Adthrive will approve me either. The content is not appropriate for Amazon affiliates either So I am wondering how should I go about monetizing my site? I have a well-written(unlike my blog) genuinely helpful ebook related to my niche which I can sell. My daydream math tells me that since I get about 70k users per month, if even 0.0005% of the people buy the ebook at $20 a pop, I would make more than I am making with Ezoic right now. Does this make sense or am I being stupid here? Any one who sells ebooks would like to comment on this math? Second, is there any better way for me to monetize my blog rather than selling an ebook? Any ad networks or brand collaborations or direct ad selling? I have no experience in this so some guidance would be very helpful. Thank you – by hq overview WannaBeBetterMe – –

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