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     Arianna updated 1 year, 9 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    December 8, 2020 at 10:35 am

    Climbing onto the overpass a John was lost in though, the snow softly falling on his hair was the only anchor he currently had to this plain we call reality. Next to him was a shape of a person, some would call it a woman, others would, a ghost, he liked to think about her as a figment of his imagination.

    As he climbed up the stairs he saw a couple smiling and laughing under a big red umbrella, mischievously joking about the weather. With lust in his eyes John turned away dreaming that he could have that. Someone to hold onto and to adore, but as it turns out the fates themselves had decided that some mortals are better off alone. When John was a boy he would always dream of becoming the hero, having mystical powers, defeating the evil man and saving the beautiful princess, who would rush into his arms and embrace him with a kiss. He would spend hours in other worlds, conquering and adventuring, and return home in time for dinner to enjoy his moms wonderful hot meal. As he grew older he lost the desire to be a hero, and lost the evil man somewhere along the way, but the princess always stayed. He met a girl in school and imagined a world where they love happily ever after. As you might deduct, sometimes things don’t go the way we planned and he didn’t turn out to be the hero in her story. Later on he would meet people on the street, it was as if time would stop, and they would travel to another world where they would be happily ever after, except they never were. If he looked too far into that world they would always end in disaster as one or both of them would be broken and he would return to his body. When he finally got the courage to begin a relationship this idea would come back and always whisper in his ear all the terrible ways that this would end. Eventually his fears took control and he ran away. Every time he tried, the ghost would haunt him and every time it went down the same old path. So he stopped trying, only living with other people in the safety of the other world, where if something hurt him he could come back and start over again.

    This was the only life that John had known, so he grew rather comfortable in it. When he reached the top of the stairs. He shook off the snow from his head and sighed, as if to exclaim that he was leaving another world behind and come beck to this one. He looked around and saw the busy overpass as commuters were going home from work. Around he could hear voices of people talking on the phone, bike bells ringing and the footsteps of people rushing past him. Coming back to reality seemed like a boring idea, so he decided to look around for another inspiration, something that would get him out of his worries and back to a place where the world was good again. As he looked straight he saw a girl wearing a blue coat, with what looked as a painting binder, trying to walk through the crowd without getting crushed by the people bumping into her. When she finally got some room around her she put on a smile and her eyes glittered with joy behind her glasses, as she saw the sunset city skyline and took out her phone to take a picture. While she was entranced by the view a skateboarder, who obviously could have had better judgment, slipped on ice and bumped into her. She fell down and her binder and glasses flew different directions.

    John looked at this sight and went over to pick up the binder. He bend down to get it, but hesitated for a moment. He knew exactly where this could lead and he was not sure of the consequences, he needed to know how this would end and make sure that it was something that he could live with. He turned to look at the ghost, but to his surprise, it wasn’t there. The pressure that he usually felt was gone, so he knew in his bones, that something was different. Maybe this girl was different. In this moment of hesitation, she had managed to find her glasses and looked at him standing in front of her binder. With a puzzled look she picked herself up and went over to John.

    John didn’t know what to make of this so he looked back down at the binder and saw that it was open, and some of the pictures were showing. The girl definitely had talent and he could not but stare at them. When he picked them up and turned to her, he handed her the binder and noticed that all her clothes were soaking wet and offered her to come and warm up with some warm coffee in a near by cafe. The evening went on and before they knew it it was already late. They both left, but as he was sending her to a taxi, something inside of him just couldn’t let her go. He knew that if he did, this may very well be the last time he could find someone like her. So he asked if they can share the ride.

    The next morning he woke up in her bed, in a small studio apartment surrounded by paintings on the wall. The rays of sunshine were barely making their way through the thick curtains and dancing on her face as she was still fast asleep. He brushed off some hair that was gently swaying from the air conditioner, tickling her twitching nose. John went into the kitchen and checked the cabinets to find some food, since the last time he ate was Friday’s lunch and it was already Saturday morning. He found some eggs and whole grain bread in the fridge and decided to make breakfast. Once he was finished she woke up from the beautiful aroma in the air and joined him. He asked her about the scars that riddled her body, and she said that she previously had a habit of hurting herself. On that weekend they visited a couple of her favorite galleries and some of the bookshops that John liked to hang out at. During the following week their phones did not stop buzzing as they hated every second that they were apart. As the hours seemed like days and days seemed like years, the next weekend finally rolled around. She wanted to come over at John’s place this time to see where he lived, but as he put it, the previous day a pipe broke in John’s bathroom, due to the cold, so the place was flooded. So they spent another magical, loving night together and John thought to himself that he never could have dreamed of the ghost not being there, but it felt, so good. He turned over, hugged her and fell asleep.

    John gasped for air as he fell from the bed to the floor. He couldn’t feel his face, but a second later he felt a sharp pain in his nose and the taste of blood in his mouth. He looked up to see a man with an angry face yelling at him and kicking him on the floor. The girl jumped from the bed and wrapped her arms around him yelling at him to stop. He grabbed her and threw her on the bed and starting yelling and beating her. She started crying and trying to kick him. John couldn’t compose himself, as he tried to assess the situation. After a second he realized something. The girl had a boyfriend, that’s why she didn’t want him to come on weekdays and also why she had scars on her body. The guy was an abuser.

    The moment that he made that connection in his mind, he mustered all the strength he could and tacked the man to the ground and started beating on him with all the strength he could. He took all his anger and all his frustration that he had accumulated in his years and took it out on this guy. He does not deserve to be with her, John thought and continued to unleash blow after blow. Finally the man regained his senses and pushed John off. Since it was a small apartment, he took a few steps away and from the kitchen he took a knife and pointed it at John and the girl. John new that whatever happened, this girl was innocent and life would be meaningless if he lost the only stroke of good luck he was given. Without hesitation he leapt forward to take the knife. He grabbed the man’s wrist and tried to take the knife. But the other man already had it pointed at John. All it took was a little push and John felt a strange warmth in his chest. He looked down to see steel covered in red. He heard a scream from behind him being muffled as he closed his eyes. The scream faded out and in rushed the sound of footsteps of people rushing past him. With a sigh, he looked up to see a girl, wearing a blue coat and glasses and holding a binder, trying to push her way through the crowd. Next to him stood another, a new ghost, to be his companion. He heard a skateboarder trying to make his way behind him.

    He closed his eyes, sighed, and when he opened them, he stretched his hand.

    PS:sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes. English isn’t my first language XP. Hope you enjoyed ????

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