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  • Jacob

    September 27, 2019 at 7:03 am

    Hi All Hoping to get some direction or some links to useful resources/case studies for my issue. I created a site that helps people find compatible travel destinations based off their personal preferences. Users can filter from: Popular / Hidden Gem Temperature Range (30-90f+/0-30c+) Dry / Bit of rain / Rain is fine (useful to avoid tropical wet seasons) Environmental friendliness General / Female Safety LGBTQ Attitudes Veg / Vegan / Halal / Gluten Free options Max flight duration Air quality Max budget Over 90 activities to choose from Travel dates As you can imagine, we have a buttload of dynamic pages that can be created. Ranging from popular scenarios to rarer scenarios. For example, you live in Colon, Argentina and want a nice warm boozy holiday (wineries, distilleries and breweries) within 24 hours flight in December. overview-DepartingFromColon__Argentina-From01Dec2019Until15Dec2019 shows 29 locations in 12 countries. How would you handle crawling and indexing of this kind of website? It’s probably the long tail and rarer scenarios which will make up the bulk of the traffic we can capture, not the super popular ones like “best beaches near new york”. Also the more specific searches are the ones where we can add the most value, the broad ones will just return a thousand results (though we do order by cost) Things I know i need to do: Sitemap of sitemaps Create better internal link structures (not sure how yet) Things I might need to do but not sure if it’s overkill: Dynamically search keyword volume for each page? Maybe via API? Blood sacrifice to satan I’m a newbie building a boostrapped site trying to learn SEO but this usecase being quite unique has left me a bit stumped. I did find one good resource here: – by hq overview bobhawkes – –

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