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  • (Month4) My First Steps in Amazon Affiliate

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  • Chris

    March 17, 2020 at 5:26 am

    Previous months: [Month1] [Month2] [Month3] This is a 4th month of me building (or at least trying to build) an authority site in pet niche. In previous month I made a couple of changes to my strategy: shifted to super long tail keywords – I don’t see any significant benefit from this started building links faster – even without rankings I think that it was a good decision What was done: Created the outlines and received 7 articles. Published 11 articles (31 article in total, 116k words) +6 paid links live (paid for them prev month) +6 links earned through outreach Done nothing with 1st acquired domain. It doesn’t grow itself and in next month I will try pushing it with links. If it fails – I will abandon it (if nobody buys it). Acquired 1 more domain that has 100 visitors per month (that is much more than my blog lol) PS talking about links I mean domains. At the moment I have 4k+ backlinks because some of the links are sitewide. Also if you’re trying to go white hat, paid links suck: it’s hard to scale them and they’re very expensive. All my earned links are much stronger than purchased ones. Spendings: content – 420 links – 0 Results: 5580 impressions in Search Console 30 clicks in Search Console 18 organic new users in Google Analytics $0.00 earned in amazon associates program Thoughts: It feels like anything I do has zero effect. It’s getting more and more difficult to force myself to continue. That little sneaky coward on my left shoulder keeps whispering: “Give up…give up!”. And I guess, at some point I’ll indulge in this. I wish I could finish with something inspirational, but it’s all I’ve got at the moment. – by /hq/l0v33 – –

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