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  • brianwebs

    October 25, 2019 at 2:02 pm

    I’m working for a company that has multiple websites for essentially the same exact purpose. These were created in attempt to gain more search real estate for similar keywords. The content is different across each domains, meaning it isn’t duplicated exactly, but the same products and services are sold across each domain. One of the websites has seen a drastic decline in traffic over the last 2 years. My theory is that Google has figured out the websites are the same company and has chosen the other site as the dominate site and has started de-ranking the other. In searching both domain names, the same address shows in the knowledge graph. I can’t find any other significant reason it has seen such a big drop in traffic. I’m trying to build my case that the de-ranked site needs a big overhaul to differentiate itself from the other site in-order to regain some of those lost rankings. Any insight here would be super helpful. – by hq overview niclus99 – –

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