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  • My One-Shot-One-Kill cold email; AKA the Zero Call Close.

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  • Christine

    October 25, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    There’s a lot of myths about cold email. I see all these ideas about putting people into 8 step sequences with overengineered cadences and truth be told I can’t see it as anything other than an advertisement for the software that lets you do it. Nobody wants to get 8 emails from somebody they’ve never heard of, and if they finally get on the phone with you do you think they’re even a hot lead? Anyway, I think it’s all BS. I have a one sentence totally cold email that converts about 2-3% of people I send it to an appointment. Which is actually not bad. And what’s really cool about this email is that it can work for any B2B company that has any sort of track record of success at all. if you’ve ever knocked it out of the park with even with only one customer you can use this email to scale that success. In order for you to read this email and have that “A-ha” moment, let me lay out what makes it so powerful. First, there’s 4 steps to the buyer journey. There’s awareness, findability, reputation and conversion. People have to be aware of your value, be able to find information about you, assess your reputation and they will buy. This email takes them right up to step 4 in one sentence. It also includes the commonly touted cold email necessities like personalization, segmentation, and a clear call to action. It’s a message about enabling the customer and not about how awesome we are. Lets pretend I’m a restaurant franchising expert and you’re Bob of Bob’s Burgers. “Bob – If I could prove I’ve helped other small restaurants expand into national brands, would you have 15 minutes to talk about how you and I can do it again for Bob’s Burgers?” So here’s the final part of this that wraps it all together. Remember the four steps of the customer journey? We’re leading with our reputation and results in our hand ready to go. And more importantly we’re walking up to the bar with the ID in our hand – it makes you look 21, right? We’re not begging them for their time. We’re not asking them for it in return for nothing either. We’re not even bragging or hard selling about how we’ve done this before. It’s really a solid deal – If you need X I can prove that I can do X and if you feel like I’ve satisfied that proof then we’ll talk. So onto the Zero Call Close… You know how normally when you get a lead you have to educate them, sell them on the value, etc? Leads from this email already know what they are getting into. They know your results, pricing, process, and value from the cold email and the case study before they even get on the call. I find that at this point the leads get on the phone for less than 10 minutes, ask the same 3-5 questions and then either buy, give me a time to reach back out, or pass me on to a decision maker. By the time I get them on the phone there really isn’t even much left to talk about. Anyway this has gotten a bit lengthy, but would you be interested in me breaking down how to write a high converting case study for something like this? – by hq overview RyanMatonis – –

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