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  • My previous experience and personal review for IG Influencer Marketing

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  • Teddy

    March 17, 2020 at 5:21 am

    I’ve been a lurker around here for few months, and I’ve noticed tons of posts regarding the IG influencer marketing, many people wasting their money and getting poor or no results at all, so I’ve decided to share my personal experience with it. Note: I’m not a guru, I’m not selling anything, I’m not sponsored by anyone and this methods have their own risks too so I can’t guarantee everything is going to work the same for every niche/product. Influencers vs. Theme Pages Most of us will be tempted to go for the theme pages and not for personal influencers, as it is easier to identify their exact niche, they have way more posts and their content looks better as it’s mostly based on viral posts and most of the time their promo rates will be better. The reality is that most of their followers are interested in that specific niche but they are not matching the customer’s profile for your product. This could sound a little bit confusing but I’ll try to explain it. Let’s say for example you are selling an interior ambient led light for BMWs. (random product) The closest theme pages to this niche will be “bmwfans”, “bmwworld” with 500-800k followers, but most of them will be just fans of that brand, so there is absolutely no guarantee that they are actually bmw owners or that they even got a car. At first I did the same mistakes, I paid for few posts, 0 sales and very low traffic to my website and I couldn’t understand what’s wrong. I’ve continued to burn money by changing the actual ads and pay for promotions again and again. Influencers will be less popular, they will have much higher rates but also some great advantages in front of theme pages. In my opinion, the biggest advantage is the stronger relationship with their followers together with the social trust. The fact that the influencers are real people, they live in the same area with most of their followers, they have the same passions, opinions about different things from that specific niche builds a lot of social proof to their profile. Another great advantage is the ability to go deeper and deeper into that specific niche and its main branches. If we continue with the previous BMW interior ambient light example, when searching for influencers, we’ll be able to find people who are maybe building BMW project cars, they are doing DIY tutorials, all sort of things dedicated to actual BMW owners not just fans, so there is a much higher chance that their followers are interested in your product and they will actually trust the influencer because of the value he is providing to their community. Finding/Using the right influencer I’ll start by writing down a list of very specific keywords for that niche. Those keywords will be transformed into hashtags which will be used for manually finding the influencers. In addition to the hashtags, I filter the results based on my own criteria, for example the location (most of them will have it in their bio). When deciding which influencer to use, I will look at the overall quality of their feed. I want to see high quality posts, real value and engagement, for example, them replying to follower’s comments, giving advices, creating polls, discussing different aspects together with the followers and so on. I will also make sure to check if they are constantly running ads and how often they do it. The number of followers is also important but for me the most important things are the engagement rate and the real engagement on their posts, as I’ve previously mentioned. There are a lot of free/paid tool to check the engagement rate, and most of them are pretty accurate. From my experience I would only consider an engagement rate of at least 4-5% for a 100k + followers page and 8-10% for pages that are in the 40-80k range. After having a final list of 15-20 different influencers who match all my requirements, I would start contacting them via DM/Email asking for the promo rates. The message will be something simple and easy to spot for example “hi, what are your promo rates?” as they will probably have many other DMs and requests. In addition to that I will also comment their last post with “please check your DM”, as I’ve noticed there is a higher response rate when using this format. Price & Ad Format After having them reply they will probably end up giving you a much higher quote compared to their usual rate, so you’ll have to negotiate the price. What I like to do, and I’ve also seen this strategy presented by some YT gurus, is to break the price into an hourly rate. For example, if they want $250 for a 24 hours post + story + link in bio, which is the format I use, that means roughly $10/hour. I’ve noticed on most of my previous campaigns that I had almost the same performance in term of sales & traffic for a 6 hours campaign and a 24 hours campaign, as most of the sales came in the first few hours, especially when starting it at 8-9 a.m. My reply would look like this: “I’m only interested in running the ad for 6 hours so based on your price that would be $x/hour and a total of $xx, is that right?”. This part is mostly based on your ability to negotiate with the influencers and set things up. I would only pay using PayPal goods & services as I’ll be able to get my money back if they won’t do the post properly or won’t respect the schedule. Additional Aspects – I think it’s really important to have the FB Pixel installed on your store’s page before running the ads. In the worst case scenario, you won’t get any sales but you’ll end up with some targeted data which could be used for future retargeting. – The content of the ads (post/story) are really important and could dramatically affect the performance of a campaign. You should take that part really serious and spend some time learning and practicing how to produce/edit ad content, or outsource it to somebody more experienced. – If a campaign goes well, you’ll be tempted to spend more money and use the same influencer over and over again. The reality is that there’s a saturation point for each audience so the 2nd time you run the same ad to the same audience, the results might be very different to a point where you won’t get any sales or traffic at all. I’m 100% sure I’ve missed many aspects in my post so please feel free to add your own advices/experience in the comments. – by /hq/paulpaul25 – –

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