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  • My start-up failed

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  • Jessica

    July 13, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    My start-up failed and I can’t seem to get it together even after 2 years. I closed the company and I moved to the US, because my spouse got a high paying job at faang, while I had to wait 2 years to get my work permit. He used to be my co-founder and was the CTO. He wrote most of the code and it is very hard to understand without any documentation. I also have an engineering degree, but without his help it is a nightmare to understand and modify the code or add features to it. Every time I discuss with him about the start-up or the code base or system architecture, we get into a shit storm fight and it is ruining our relationship. However, I can’t stop thinking about it and let it go. He also doesn’t want to give me control of the code base or work on it. During the past two years, he has been telling me to stop focusing on restarting the start-up, but rather on how I would be going to get a job. I tried getting a job, I applied to 190 jobs with little to no response and a lot of rejection, as a software engineer and engineering manager. I hate the process and the interviewers and their stupid jobs. Some interviewers laugh at me, because we failed and it must be something wrong with me, others are so envious that they nitpick my experience or they only give me hard problems to solve. I have zero motivation to prepare anymore and I feel very overwhelmed. At the same time, I cannot sit around and do nothing. I am really confused, emotionally drained, and exhausted. Do you have any advice for me? Have you faced a situation like this with your co-founder? What did you do? – by /hq/ComfortableAd4310 – –

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