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  • My tested Instagram growth tips for 2019 for niche related accounts.

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  • David

    October 29, 2019 at 7:47 am

    I also shared this post on the IG subhq overview but I thought I should also post it here as many of the small business owners are now trying to target their customers using Instagram. NOTE: If you are not interested in my past experience you can skip everything to “Now, 2019”. As a short background story of myself, I’ve been growing IG pages since 2016 and since then I’ve literally tried all the well known methods for organic growth in various niches including fitness, outdoor, sports and luxury lifestyle. Past Experience If I have to pin each method following a chronological order I would say 2016 to 2nd half of 2017 I got the best results from buying shoutouts from 60k to 100k followers pages with at least 3% engagement rate. I used to spend $15 to $70 for a shoutout which was giving me 800 to almost 3000 active followers. Very important to say I was only buying shoutouts from accounts which were in my niche. In 2017 I’ve also discovered and tested the follow/unfollow method which took a lot of time and brought very poor results as I was doing everything manually, following 300-500 users each day and I was hardly getting back 50 followers, but this could have been because of the small niche. In 2018 I found out about the GMT and Jarvee which are two of the best follow/unfollow automation tools. For the IG they both offer the same things, but Jarvee offers automation for almost all the social media platforms. After playing for few weeks with the settings of these bots, I was running 3 pages using them and got some amazing result and the cost was somewhere near $50/month so way cheaper compared to buying shoutouts and more efficient. I can’t remember the exact setting I was using but I remember I was getting like 2k-3k each week which was amazing. Most of the IG management/growth service providers are using these bots and they will charge business owners $500 to 2k each moth for this so if you want to try this you will save some serious $$$ by doing it by yourself. Due to constant changes to the IG algorithm, I got 1 account shadow-banned for few months and many small action blocks to the other accounts so at the end of 2018 I stopped using the follow/unfollow methods and the bots. Now, 2019 In 2019 there were again many changes to the IG algorithm and I completely forgot about all these methods. It’s also harder to grow as IG is now showing your posts to a limited number of your followers. However I’m still trying to grow some pages and I’ve discovered and tested a few tips and tricks. Here’s a list of them which work well for me: – Hashtags: The ultimate goal of a post is to reach the top of the explore page and this is why you have to use hashtags. I’m using anywhere from 15 to 25 hashtags for each post and I do a manual research on the hashtags depending on the content and the size of the page. For example the page is small, the goal is to find less popular hashtags but strictly related to your content/niche. If you are using generic hashtags like #follow4follow #follow #instagram… you won’t be reaching the right audience and you will be damaging your account by raising red flags to your account. ! Don’t use the same hashtags over and over again as there is a huge chance to get shadow-banned. – Follow people: You want to follow the huge accounts in your niche. By doing this you will be showing instagram that you are interested in a specific niche/content and that you are also part of that niche so your account is more likely to get recommended to other people with same interests. This has to be related to the next tip. – Engage: After following a big account from your niche you also want to turn on the post notifications to be able to leave a comment as soon as they post something. This is similar to hq overview. The sooner you post a relevant comment the bigger the chance to become an upvoted(liked) comment and most of the time people will be curious to know who you are. You should only leave post-relevant comments and no spam at all. ! Like your post’s comments. You will show instagram that your content has positive-rated comments and they will be more likely to recommend it to more people. – Remove Followers: From time to time you should do some random checks on your followers and see if they engage with your posts or stories. You want to remove the “dead” followers by blocking & unblocking them because as I’ve previously mentioned, IG shows your post in real time to a limited number of your followers and you want all of them to be active followers who engage with your content. The first results won’t be there after the first few weeks but slowly you’ll start getting traction and you’ll basically show IG that your account has organic actions, engagement and followers and appreciated content and they will start recommending it to more and more people. I really hope these will help you on a long-term journey and I’d love to hear what are your thoughts or if you’d like to add anything to the list. – by hq overview coldpa – –

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