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  • My weird family tradition could kill us (part 2 )(Finale) : nosleep

     Arianna updated 2 years, 9 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    December 26, 2019 at 11:48 pm


    Hey everyone,sorry for my absence, hospital WIFI is terrible,but I’m alive,luckily, and I’m surprised with the response my last post got so thank you. I saw some comments that could have been helpful before but oh well. It was brought to my attention that I made some mistakes with my last post that I will try to rectify in this post. I was in shock will writing that post and the painkillers are starting to work their magic now so if there are any mistakes in this post,please DM me and I’ll try to fix them as soon as possible.

    So when the police came, I explained that a bear had come in through the backdoor,that was accudentily left open and attacked me but my Grandfather saved me but the bear dug its claws into him but I stopped it from doing further harm by making myself look big and shouting at it,and slamming the holly branch off of the floor, and managed to get it out of the house before attempting to help my Grandfather. I could tell they didn’t believe me but they ended up putting it down as a freak bear attack. They asked my parents to go with them to the station for a while and they went with them.

    As soon as they left,I went into my Grandfather’s room and found the letters he mentioned,under his bed, in a small box. I won’t go into too much detail but the letters told me of the origin of the ‘tradition’ when,back in 1938,my Great-grandfather made a deal with a demon to save his last son,my Grandfather,from measles,that had claimed the lives of his wife and four other children. The demon agreed to heal his son if he won in a fight but if the demon won,they would both suffer slow and agonising deaths to feed the demon. Before the fight,the demon revealed his true form and told my Great-grandfather that he wanted to inspire fear and cause sadness,so he reshaped himself to the likeness of the punisher of bad children at Christmas,Krampus;During this fight,my Great-grandfather used a holly branch to defeat the demon. After he healed the baby,the demon swore revenge by coming back,the two nights before Christmas Day,and that he would not stop until his bloodline was destroyed. The demon could not enter the house because it was not invited but during one of the nights,the demon discovered that he could enter the home through the chimney without permission to enter but,after winning the fight,my Great-grandfather began keeping the fire burning on those two nights. During one of the nights my Grandfather was on fire duty,he discovered that the demon could manipulate children when my Dad,aged nine at the time,was caught trying to open the door because “the man told him to.” The letters also reveal that,during the daytime of those days,the demon could not harm or be harmed. Because of it’s ability to feed off of its targets emotions,my Great-grandfather gave it the name of “The Leech” and would mock it during fights by calling it that name and causing it to lose focus and lose the fight.

    The last letter was an envelope with my name on it in my Grandfather’s handwriting. It said that he knew I would fall asleep because I was “playing that Call of Duty crap” instead of resting. It also told me that my Grandfather was diagnosed with cancer a few week beforehand and he had only 6 months to live. At the end,he wrote “since this might be the last you hear from me, tell the family that I love them and give this to your Dad for me,to explain to him why I was sad a d angry with him for the past few weeks; Thanks kiddo, remember that I love you. Goodbye.” At those words,the floodgates opened and I cried for five minutes until I calmed myself down.

    I left my house and went into the nearby forest to get some holly branches for that night. As I was cutting a thick branch,a twig snapped and I turned around. The demon was in its human form,standing 6 feet away,and smiling.”so,the weakling comes to get his little weapons to try to hurt me. Don’t you see that your just delaying the inevitable.” It said.”If you are just here to taunt me then you’re failing” I said,as I turned back and continued cutting the branch. “Oh,but you know who would have been here,you Grandfather. But because you were lazy and failed the one job you had,he’s dead and it’s your fault!” It said a d started laughing at me. I snapped. I turned and said “You better be careful now because I’m not the one taunting people for sustenance hey Leech?” It stopped laughing and it changed between it’s two forms as it spoke,in a thunderous voice, “DO NOT CALL ME LEECH,YOU WEAK FOOL!” I smirked as I tied up the bundle and went home.

    When I got home,I dropped the bundle down and went into the kitchen,where I found my 17 year old brother with an empty cup and crumb covered plate in front of him; I walked up to him and placed my hand on his shoulder,which caused him to jump, but he relaxed when he saw it was me. I asked him if he was alright but he asked me how our Grandfather had died. I hated lying to him but I repeated what I told the police to him and when he said he heard howling when he woke up, I told him that was probably his mind mixing up the sounds the bear made, I know that’s a lie but,he accepted it with a smile and he thanked me for telling him. I went back to the bundle and halved it. I placed the first half under the stairs,there wasn’t enough space to put it in the living room so that was the closest place to put it,and the other half I carved into spears,so we could have weapons to defend ourselves at least,and I placed one into every room in the house,except my brother’s and sister’s rooms,but I put two in my Mom and Dad’s room.

    My parents came home with bags of food and decorations. They said they wanted to keep the Christmas spirit alive,like Grandfather would have wanted,but I knew they just wanted to keep busy. When he was putting up stickers of Santa on the kitchen wall,I walked up to my Dad and gave him the letter to read. After he read it, he hugged me right and began crying,while thanking me for giving it to him; When he finished,I told him what I had done with the spears and he said it was a good idea. I went to my room at 2:30pm,to rest until 8:00pm,when my Mom woke me up to have dinner. Throughout dinner,my 12 year old sister was staring at me and when I questioned her after,she asked why I was putting spears in every room and if I was alright. I told her I was and the spears were so were could protect ourselves if something broke in. She smiled and,like my Dad,hugged me.

    At 10:30pm,my siblings went to bed as I got ready for that night but my parents stayed up until 11:10pm and they begged me to stay safe,to which I replied I would,but I told them that,if something happens,they had a way to defend themselves. They hugged me a d went to bed as I began my watch. At 4:30an,I went to refill my cup of coffee,for the 6th time, and went back into the living room,I shut the door behind me,and topped up the fore with coal and kindling. At 5:39am,through the crackling of the kindling and the popping of the,slightly,damp coal,I could hear a creaking noise and when I realized what it was,I jumped out of my chair. The noise was coming from the bottom step of the stairs. I ran to the door and as I swung it open,I stood in horror as I saw my sister standing at the open door with a clawed hand on the side of the door. “Thank you sweetie,for this,you shall live with me after I deal with your family.” As it said that the demon entered and it placed its hand on my sister’s forehead and she collapsed onto the stairs.

    As I stood there,the demon spotted me and it smiled when I raised my spear up. “Just so you know,that won’t do anything. It’s only on the first night that holly can hurt me.” As i realise it was right,every encounter was on the first night and nothing has happened on the second because the were prepared afterwards,the demon approached and swatted the spear away from itself and kicked me with its hoof. With sprained ribs, it hurt like hell. It hurt worse when I landed next to the fireplace. The demon approached,smile still visible across it’s face but,when it raised it’s hoof to stamp on me,I rolled out of the way and made a dash for the kitchen to find something to defend myself with.

    I opened and searched every cupboard and,just as the demon came up behind me,I found my Grandmother’s bottle of holy water. It slapped the right side of my head,with such force,that it knocked me to the ground. As the demon raised it’s claw,for the kill,I threw half of the contents of the bottle at it. It screeched and howled as blisters rose up from under its fur. While it was distracted, I ran back into the living room to try and find something to finish it off. As my eyes landed on the mistletoe,my Dad had picked up outside,the demon clawed into my back,causing severe pain and knocked me onto my stomach and knocking the holy water onto the mistletoe; I tried to crawl towards the mistletoe but the demon turned me over and dug its thumb into my left shoulder. As I screamed in pain,it raised its hand and clawed the right side of my face,causing blood to pour over my eye and blur my vision in that eye,and as it dug its claws into my stomach,doors upstairs began to open and rapid movement reached the stairs. The demon stopped half an inch into my stomach and smiled at me. “Now,you can suffer slowly as you watch me slaughter your family while you bleed to death and there is nothing you can do,just like before with your Grandfather;” It said as it rose up and slowly walked toward my parents,who were bent over my sister trying to wake her up;

    With the last of my energy,I crawled toward the mistletoe and,painfully,stood up. I yelled as I ran and jumped onto the back of the demon. With everything becoming blurry,I drove the mistletoe through the demon neck,causing it to let out a chocking screech and thrash around trying to get to me, and I whispered “that enough pain for ya Leech?” As the demon dissipated,I fell hard to the floor and everything went black.

    I awoke in the hospital,with my family around me, and when they realised I was awake, they tried to hug me but they backed away from my pained expression when they did so. They told me that I will have faint scars on my back but the rest will need special creams to stop tightness,and will be visible for a long time; My sister was apologising frantically,because she believes that she was sleepwalking and left in a bear by accident,but I told her it was alright and that it wasn’t her fault t. I apologised for ruining Christmas but my Mom said that as long as we were all together,we were having a perfect Christmas. We spent,all of,Christmas day together until the nurse had to ask them,politely,to leave. When I woke up this morning though,I saw an envelope with my name and room number on it. I opened it and when I saw what it was,my blood ran cold. On the paper were the words “SEE YOU NEXT TIME TOMMY!” Written in blood with a demon smiley face at the end.

    The Leech is alive. Even though my brother will be on fire duty next year,I will warn him of what this responsibility truly means,I have the scars to prove it,but if needs be,I am willing to sacrifice myself,like my Grandfather,for my family and pass on my mission to continue the search for the thing that will kill it permanently,if one exists that is, and to end this curse that we call a ‘tradition’. I looked up holly and mistletoe online and found out that,in the celebration of Yule,they are used for protection so at least we have one obvious and effective weakness,that no-one has tried for some reason,and the weakness for the second night.

    Thank you everyone for your support but I’m not sure if I’ll speak to you again. One day, I might come back and share my experience some more. But until then, this is Tom Jacobs,signing off.

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