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  • Christine

    October 27, 2019 at 9:17 am

    So a while back I had an idea for a business which I thought might be feasible. The idea is basically based on the idea that during a goldrush you should sell shovels. In essence the idea is to cheaply rent low cost foodtrucks to people who don’t have the money, credit or risk tolerance to start their own foodtrucks. The idea is that they would lease the trucks exchange for low rent and a small percentage of their revenue. The leases would be cheap short term leases so the client can just keep renewing the lease if his or her truck is succesful but only has to pay a small amount for one lease period if the truck fails, minimizing the risk for both parties seeing as they don’t have to pay a lot for the truck and the company doesn’t have truck with low revenue for long. I also thought of adding a free app where truck owners can create a profile for their truck, so people can see where the trucks are and what they serve (I know foodtruck finding apps already exist but the main purpose is to get customers to the trucks of our clients). I’m pretty new to entrepreneurship so I might have missed something that makes the entire business model unworkable. Any and all feedback would be much appreciated. – by hq overview POTATOEPERSONPERSON – –

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