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  • Need advice on a business idea.

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  • Katie

    May 31, 2021 at 5:18 am

    I first want to thank this sub for making me think about being an entrepreneur and letting me explore in what I think I am good at and providing me with a TON of information etc. My first thought was to create an eCommerce shop, but I think I lack basic knowledge for that and I want to be ready one day to launch my own firm. So I had an idea! The concept is, I go to small businesses (I have a few peers that own one) and make a proposal. Creating a subscription box site for their products. More specifically, I know a girl that owns make-up etc. products shop. The idea is that I approach her and make a proposition that I take on a project to create an e-shop that is only for subscription boxes with her brand and items. I get to buy the items in wholesale price, make the site, advertise the product and take the full profit from it. Then, when I think it is set and afteer I hopefully made some money, and after I gain knowledge, I sell the business to the shop owner and I also sell the how to. The deal I make may vary. For example I can make a deal that she pays for everything, I put the work, and after it is set I hand it over without cost (but I get to keep the profit until that happens). I really could use some feedback. This is an idea that came to me today after browsing some shops in my country with related products. Let me know if you think it is a good idea or if you can propose something else similar it would be highly appriciated. Thanks in advance! – by /hq/Zestyclose-Hyena-474 – –

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