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  • Need advice on making my decision on hosting

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  • Maverick

    August 31, 2019 at 7:18 pm

    I apologize for adding to the amount of hosting advice threads already on here but I couldn’t make my decision even after reading those. I’ve just built my sister’s photography portfolio website (not art-based but client-based) using Laravel (not because I need the power behind but more because of familiarity). It is an SPA created by Vue and does include a back end. The options I’m looking it are Cloudways because they basically set it up for me. I considered just purchasing on DO and setting it up myself but I need advice on what I would need for server upkeep like error logging. I’ve only ever used DO along with Laravel Forge which included a lot of useful tools between me and the server. I would probably purchase a subscription again if I get more clients but for now, I can’t justify paying the premium. Another option would be Heroku using SQLite instead of MySQL which would be fine for a website this size. Then I can put assets (photos) on AWS instead. I’ve never worked with Heroku so I don’t know what speeds are like for a small portfolio website and so I’m not sure if this is a good option for me. Just posting here hoping anyone can get me an relevant advice or information so I can make my decision. – by hq overview rslee1247 – –

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