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  • Need help starting trucking company

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  • Charles

    October 30, 2019 at 7:47 pm

    Need help starting a trucking company I’m in the process of trying to start a trucking company and really need an investor or someone that can help me get a business loan to get my business started. I’m trying to crowd fund to raise money, but that’s not really getting me anywhere. I have a solid business plan and over 5 years of experience running this type of company for someone. As soon as I started running their company the profits increased. I know how to negotiate good rates and what places to stay out of so there isn’t any wasted time on finding loads. It’s always been a dream of mine to start this business and I just feel like I’m hitting a dead end with every approach I take. I have money to put into it myself but I’m trying to find investors or get a loan so I can start it off the way it needs to be ran. If anyone is interested in angel investing or can help out with a loan please message me. I’m trying to raise approx 100k to get this business going. The approach I’m taking with 100k I’ll be able to get 2 trucks and trailers on the road and with the way I plan on running it each truck would be profiting 140-150k a year and that’s after all bills are paid and drivers are paid. I’ll also be using my first 2 trucks to eventually pay for more trucks and continue growing the fleet. If I find an investor they’ll profit more off the company each month as the profits increase. I really need someone to give me a shot with this because I know I can make this business successful. Trucking is a 700 billion dollar industry and is what drives our economy, there will always be more freight needing to be moved than there will be truckers. – by hq overview wolf957 – –

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