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  • Need some opinions regarding my startup partnership situation

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  • David

    October 27, 2019 at 10:32 pm

    A context before i start : Me and my partner started our company 4 years back. It is a 50/50 LLP (limited liability partnership company). We initially made our company solely with the intention to making it a gaming company which makes video games. We initially found that it was hard enough to stay float let alone be in a situation to develop a game for 6 months, release it and see how it fares in the market. So to stay afloat, we took on service projects from other companies. Both me and my partner are from the engineering backgrounds, so we were decent at coding, so we took on any kind of project that pays (it could be a small game feature, a vr project, software like uber or a python application). I tried to get a game project finished but because of my lack of experience and a lot of stress from our ongoing service projects, all the prototypes were shelved because of a multitude of factors. Now from the very begining i noticed my partner was artificially over-excited about being able to work on video games, because he might say “lets make a great mobile game!” but he never actually took any initiative or genuine interest in the actual process, and wanted to work on non-game related service projects instead, probably because they give more short term money. While he does the development job time to time, he is more focused on lead generation and client communication while i did the heavy lifting in the initial year in the development part. We kept ourselves in an infinite loop of “lets make a game!” and “ but also lets do this service project that involves communication between a raspberry pi to a medical instrument for 6 months”. This infinite loop kept going on to the point that i lost the energy to actually make a good video game because the mind is kept distracted and loses sight of the big picture. Responsibilities pile up when we started hiring a couple of employees to delegate the work. At some point we stopped calling our company a gaming company because our main succesful portfolios are not related to gaming. It is not even a product company or a B2C company. It became purely a service company and that fact made me extremely depressed while my partner was having the time of his life. Came to know our long term visions are under direct conflict, and we had a lot of fights. On the plus side, even if i never managed to complete a game since the company started, i became an expert at most things even including 3d art creation and animation (apart from programming) because of the years of passive experimenting with different types of softwares (like unreal engine, unity, blender, substance painters). Before the company started, i did make a small successful game that made some decent profit, so i fairly understood the market from the begining. In the 3rd year, i started one of my passive experiments which i worked on it for almost a year. It was initially designed to be a tool for games developers and something i made for the fun of it. After finishing a prototype of it in a couple of months and showcasing it on social media, i found people were willing to pay for it because they really need it for their games. I had a hunch it could sell well and it actually did. Revenue while it isn’t that big, it is actually consistant while requiring minimal maintenance on my side with the room to add more features and increase the pricing in the future. For the first time since the company started, i actually made a “product” which turned out to be one of my greatest time investments. I started distancing from my own company’s software servicing responsibilities because it was exhausting me mentally. The product i made was also fairly impressive in the industry, which is a great image booster. I got back the time, money and motivation to get back to games. I completely disconnected from the service side to 100% work on one small game fulltime and being able to afford some mistakes because of the revenue. My first game polished is basically 95% done and i am fairly certain the quality standards meets my expectations. During this whole time, i had a very rocky relationship with my business partner who has completely showcased his lack of interest in working on anything in the game industry because he says there is realistically no money to be made. He still works hard on managing the software servicing side of the company (trying to get into fields like AI, developing online marketplace for clients or basically anything in the software field that makes the most money). My partners core problem has been the fact he never has a long term vision except the fact he wants to make a lot of money in the fastest way possible. We completely drifted apart and we dont work with each other on any common projects because i was stubborn to not back to the service hellhole i was put through the years back. Im focusing on my own projects mainly with another close “partner” (he is not an official partner of the company but an employee and a common mutual friend for a very long time. Lets call him P while my official partner in records is M) who helps manage the service side of the company while genuinly having a passion to work on games with me. There were a few ugly moments with my partner M, blaming each other for n-number of things until it was not possible to work with each other anymore. The company still exists and we do our own thing, but we are doing completely contrasting things that doesnt help the long term image of the company. Neither of us feels like sllitting up because we invested too much already, and we dont mind going in completely different directions with maybe some mutual collaboration or help if needed for each other. – by hq overview codehawk64 – –

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