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  • New Online Boutique Owner Seeking Advice

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  • Charles

    July 27, 2019 at 11:30 am

    Hi! I launched my online woman’s boutique 2 weeks ago, I’ve read a lot of great discussions on this forum and have taken notes. I have no business experience and feel, embarrassed to say, lost about my numbers or what I’m doing. I’ve had 237 online session and 1 sale. I’ve tried ads on facebook and instagram but dont think these are working. How much money is appropriate per ad? I am targeting: online shoppers, boutiques, people who shop at “x” boutique, etc. I’m doing the instagram game and I think it’s going well! Lots of positive comments. My one sale came from Instagram. I’ve sent out a good amount of products to “influencers” but no sales have come from that. Also (VENTING AHEAD) I get many messages from “influencers” who ask for free clothing in return for a post. I understand their logic, and would LOVE to be able to spend more on marketing, but the lack of ROI is frustrating, and the messages are getting old (VENTING OVER). Design wise, I think I need to work on the banner. And add a mission statement somewhere (I want to empower confidence, self-esteem). I believe I have a noble cause…I don’t know how to make it show though. I am thinking of hiring someone to help me with the banner. In conclusion, I think my biggest room for improvement is driving people TO my website. And try to stay motivated and keep a positive mindset. I am still working my regular job with children with special needs. I am feeling burnt out (understatement) and would LOVE to start making more sales so I can feel balance out my boutique with my other job. One last thing: Something I’ve always wanted was a mentor. I am a mentor for multiple people in my community for other organizations and believe in the power of mentorship. How could I go about getting my own mentor for my business/boutique? My boutique is: Instagram is @westcanadaco ​ Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to read this and look at my business. I really feel so thankful to have support and feel hopeful that I can make this work. Any advice, suggestions, feedback, etc, would be so appreciated. I want to learn and won’t give up! Let me know if there is more information I need to give for context. – by hq overview 227west – –

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