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Forums Forums Business NEW thoughts on 10/31/05+the *67 calls… (& more) :( : TickTockManitowoc

  • NEW thoughts on 10/31/05+the *67 calls… (& more) :( : TickTockManitowoc

     Arianna updated 3 years ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    December 4, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    i’ve been thinking about this now since were taking the TIMES and what calls he used *67 into consideration and i’m worried. It began as a simple *67 theory and expanded into some insane ‘oh shit, what if it happens THIS way?…’ theory. I don’t like it AT ALL but i am thinking if it’s dumb, ppl will be quick to put me at ease and attack the GUILTY theory i have laid out.

    KEEP IN MIND: I WANT SA to be innocent – and i believe he is. BUT: Like the rest of the world, I have no idea what really happened that day and the only ones that DO know- are SA, BD, BoD, and King Jeez (Jesus)

    I am just going to write it out as the only other way it could have happened – has SA done it – so that it’s out there and HOPEFULLY proven wrong…

    Don’t yell at me, just follow me here (some time frames may be off – just giving examples)


    OKAY. He has a sister next door. Does she REALLY INSIST on selling it? i mean-almost as if Barb didn’t even care about the van and SA (planning to do an old fashioned murdering) thought “well TH will probably tell everyone she’s coming to my house to take pictures – and they will know it was me that killed her…” –so he uses all of BARBS info since it’s HER van (perfect opportunity there) to distance himself at least directly to the photoshoot on paper…. If he was wanting to kill TH — he may disguise his number thinking it will prevent it from showing up on her PHONE RECORDS – not caring if she knew it was him calling or not. And he probably WAS checking to see if she was on her way – because i doubt a murder plot is something you wait around and take your time on… it’s probably spur of the moment even with premeditation right?

    2:41-2:45pm- TH gets there —takes pictures of van.

    3:05pm-Steven gets an idea after seeing BoD has left (meaning BoD COULD have seen TH walk toward SAs property.)

    3:10pm- Scott T+BoD pass each other not far from ASY on 147.

    Seeing BoD had left, SA proceeds with his plan. SA tells TH: “I’m trying to sell my snowmobile, would you be able to take some photos of it for me? it’s JUST RIGHT IN HERE…. (enters thru small walk-in door of garage)

    3:10pm-3:15pm- then murderous act ensues without brendan in the know yet, because he’s not home at this time

    SA is looking to destroy her belongings and any sign that she was there – there’s blood all over the garage floor and SA cannot find THs phone to destroy it.

    3:15pm-3:30pm SA drives the Rav4 around the LONG way as to not pass any of his families houses to get to the junkyard to hide it. SA already has her camera sitting in burn barrel covered up– and her PDA i’m his pocket (she had them both on her at time of murder) As he parks the Rav he wants to double check something. He calls her number using *67 as he is at the edge of the junkyard. He’s holding her PDA mistaking it for her phone- waiting for it to ring to make sure. He hears a cell phone ring between the driver seat and middle console – (where seatbelt clip is- giving reason for his freshly opened finger scab to leave blood in between there)—he picks it up and hits ‘end’ to stop the ring. (also the ‘call FWD’ feature)– –> Due to SA+TH having different phone carriers (i assume)– THs phone happens to change cell towers upon ringing (near the edge of ASY/Quarry)and SAs stays on his ‘at home’ cell tower.)

    (He disconnects the battery, removes license plate, and even goes as far as trying to pry the vin plate off but is not successful.- he makes sure to cover it up with branches and a detached car hood (for some reason).

    3:35pm – BlaD+BD get off the bus and go inside their house (next door to SAs trailer).

    As far as BD is concerned / they ARE just riding around picking up stuff to burn.

    They put the “tires and random brush” on top of the white plastic bag of garbage he threw inside to conceal the camera, PDA, and cell phone

    SA calls BD over for help with ‘the bonfire’ a few hours after he gets home from school. Brendan says he will come over in a bit, he’s busy playing PS2.

    and SA thinks to himself: “okay – I may need to just get ahead of this and proceed as if she WAS here, left, and have nothing to hide…and happen to remember another vehicle for sale like a normal non-murdering member of society…”

    4:35pm- calls TH number again thinking NOW his number will show up on her records which he WOULD admit to with the notion of saying “she was here taking pics of the van for my sister and after she left i realized i forgot to ask her if she could take pics of the loader! which i’ve been TOTALLY meaning to sell for way longer than just today….”

    5:30pm- Barb leaves with Scott toward the hospital

    5:45-6pm Blaines boss calls the Dassey house, then shortly after, Brendan heads over to SA’s.

    7:45pm – Barb gets dropped off at home (next door of SAs) after Her and Scott T visited his mother in hospital.

    9pm, SA is on the phone with Jodi. He was going back +forth between going in+out of garage cleaning with BD and observing/moving barrel debris with shovel at the burn barrel (still burning) when he heard the phone ring and thought to himself “whoops! i better get to the front of the house!” as heard on that Jodi jail call.

    Barb leaves yet again– a few minutes into this call.

    at 9:13pm, after that Jodi phone call- SA and brendan finish bleaching the floor- leaving bleach stains on his pants.

    11pm? – brendan goes home. SA stays outside until fire dies down, making sure everything burned.

    12am- Barb returns home and Brendan is already home, and SA is still by the fire.

    SA plans to crush/move the RAV after the investigation dies down and less eyes are on him. He thinks they have no real legal reason to check the yard. And SURELY Earl has no reason to allow them either – unless Earl is mad at SA for any random reasons……..(Marie)…….

    & HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS IF INNOCENT; he used *67 to…..dammit… i don’t have a good answer for that. ????????????

    I am now very sad. Plz reply accordingly. I’ll be in the fetal po’zish.



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