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  • Next steps? Blog / Videocourses/ etc

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  • Margaret

    November 28, 2019 at 7:49 am

    Hi all i have a blog that is focused on advice for a specific sales niche. It started as a hobby / fun project. Within 4 months i developed the blog to currently 6000 new visitors per month. Traffic is 100% generic google traffic. I have like 10 articles online for my specific niche and 8 of them rank on google first page, 5 even within top 3! I even managed to rank top 5 with “hard keywords” with high competition. I never spent a single dollar on advertising but invested time on quality link building and a couple of guest posts. I collect email addresses in exchange for a high value lead magnet (helps salespeople to sell more directly) I have around 350 opt ins per month I had peaks of 50+ per day and heard some guys shared my stuff on hq overview in business sub hq overviews My subscribers receive a weekly email series with highly actionable sales advice Currently I have around 1500 subscribers I get around 5 Emails per day from my subscribers with questions (advice) and very nice compliments (i often hear stuff like “i cant believe you share this stuff for free”, “this is by far the best script / advice i have ever seen in xx years of sales”) I know my stuff is “up there”. I have tons of experience and expertise in this field as a salesperson, leader and coach within some of the worlds most known companies. Initially i just wanted to share some tactics for free to help salespeople and business owners to sell more without all the awkwardness and negative experiences. And I was sick of all the self proclaimed sales experts sharing the same generic nonsense that will get you nowhere and even charge for it. I can share so much more knowledge on how to drastically (!!) increase cold calling success, negotiate higher prices, close deals faster, revive stalled deals etc and I know from experience as a self employed sales coach for startups that this stuff works for everyone who applies it. i even get asked if i have podcasts, youtube videos, courses or books. Several business owners asked if i could create a course for their business. However this was never my intention in the past so I dismissed them. Recently I was invited to become a memeber of the Forbes Coaches Council and write for them on a regular basis. Now I really think that I might should create something and just give it a shot. However I dont want to trade time versus money, so it should be something that can scale. Far more important: I want to provide as much value as possible, if I can make money with it thats nice, but helping people close more and better deals is top priority for me. I would chose “stay true to yourself and provide maximum value with medium income” over “sell stuff i cant 100% stand behind it but make a ton of money” every day of the year. What would you suggest I should do next and why? Please also let me know if you have experience in this online business field. thanks a ton in advance for your time reading and answering – by /hq/boilerroomcaller – –

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