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  • BusinessMag

    December 10, 2021 at 7:38 pm

    I don’t have a lot of experience in permanent positions but tons of self-study and building things with different tech. In 2018 I picked up Golang from a Jewish company I freelanced from, and the language was apparently hitting it’s stride in Israel, eastern europe, and some surrounding areas. Now apparently the US is seeing the same need, since architectures are favoring concurrency and tech like gRPC, webRTC, and AWS. Should I act like I don’t know anything and “start over”? It seems that putting down five year of experience (from writing my first HTML/CSS/JS site for the BBB) really hinders me in terms of being employed. I have 2 assault charges but I was born again in 2015 so that’s the old me. What can I do in order to get my foot into the door. I feel soft-locked out of the market and really just need someone to take pity on me it seems. Here is my resume and I can care less about doxxing because I can’t get a job anyways ;= Can someone give me feedback on what I need to do? I know how to build React/Redux sites and even have a typescript solidity wallet I’m working on. It just seems that every time I go to switch my skills then the market needs something else. Finally Golang is known well enough now to be take seriously but how do I get past these hurdles? I am thinking about becoming a farrier because my loans are coming due soon. It will be hard to pay back 100k but I believe I can do it. If I could get any feedback that would be great! – by /hq/burnthisnameafteruse – –

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