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Forums Forums Business Not sure what to do/think about this situation with employee.

  • Not sure what to do/think about this situation with employee.

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  • Katie

    September 30, 2021 at 11:53 am

    I have an employee who is the only one in the company who can do his job. He works full time and at the moment, I don’t have enough hours to hire another person to do his job, so that I have a back up. He knows how important his role is and that if I lost him, I would be pretty screwed until I replace him, which might not be super easy. I consider myself a pretty good and fair boss, and pay a good wage. This employee is a little strange and that’s fine, we get along pretty good and his work is good. The last few days he’s been acting a little distant and maybe upset. He is a pretty sarcastic person in general, but the past few days he has made a few snarky remarks that make me think he might have a problem with me. I have asked him openly if there are any problems, or anything he wants to talk about, and he says no. I assume he is just having some personal issue. Cut to this morning and he is 30 minutes late for work, which is out of character. I texted him and just wanted to make sure he was coming to work. He responded 5 minutes later that “No, I’m not. I found another job, sorry.” I have a mini heart attack and immediately start drafting a craigslist ad to replace him, when he walks in the door laughing his butt off. He said the bus was just late and he got me good. He said don’t worry, I would never do that to you. It’s great that he didn’t leave me high and dry, but I am just very put off by the whole thing. First of all, I was shown that if he did do that, what position I would be in, which I want to avoid. As I said earlier, I don’t have enough hours/work to hire another person without cutting back on his hours. I also feel like this was pretty disrespectful and out of line for an employee, and might have been some kind of mind game/power play. What are your thought? Thank you! – by /hq/pnwg – –

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