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  • Nursing or business management in college?

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  • Margaret

    October 28, 2021 at 6:58 am

    Seems off topic to this subhq overview but I promise it’s not. 18M fresh highschool graduate I’ve always loved the idea of having my own business. I’ve always been buying and selling from a young age and naturally find myself going towards that route. I became a somewhat famous tv celebrity in the Philippines (I bullshit you not) and that is my main source of income at the moment. Why nursing? I’m considering nursing not because I have a passion for it but just so I can then work as a nurse in the states to gather money for more investments in the Philippines while studying business management type topics by my own diligence. Why business management? I’m considering business management because it may give me higher quality – better guided learning than what I could find myself and possibly needed education I need to run businesses and make good investments Current business and investment status: With my savings, I currently own some real estate I plan on fixing up and using for passive rental income. I’m working on a business plan for an at home specialty cake and supplier business I’m slowly dropping some of my money into us index funds and somewhat stable single stocks for a long term time horizon TLDR: I’m a frustrated kid with big dreams and not a lot of college guidance. Maybe you guys could help out? – by /hq/Pleural_Mesothelioma – –

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