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  • Offered job in Digital Marketing/Automation, but feel I am woefully underqualified – could use advice

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  • FrederickDanzoy

    November 30, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    I interviewed for a Marketing position at a tech consulting company, and the job duties are based mostly around marketing automation programs, specifically Marketo. Now I have some experience with the program, my last job paid for me to do the basic training course (so I’m not certified), and I helped implement our first email campaign, and thats about it. That was several months ago, and I haven’t really used the program since. I felt that this position was maybe not for me as I would prefer to stick to the content/creative side of marketing. However, the market share of marketing jobs is vastly being taken over by digital marketing roles. Whereas the content side is increasingly becoming more competitive due to the lower volume of available positions, and low barrier to entry, plus they generally don’t pay as well. So I decided to move forward in the interview process anyway. I brushed up on the program, and I thought I made it pretty clear that my experience with the program is pretty limited. That being said, I initially didn’t get the job, but informed me they plan to increase the head count of their Marketing team and offer me the same job when thats all set in done, which is where I am now about a week or two later. So, they’re expecting me to sign the offer letter by Monday. I’m most likely going to take it, as its a big pay bump, and will definitely help grow my experience and make me a more competitive candidate in the future, as most of my experience is tied up in the content side of things. I am really terrified I am going to fail at this job, and since its a consulting company, the work I will be doing is for other clients, and can be fast paced. I could really use some advice. EDIT: I should also add that they plan on getting me Marketo certified as soon as possible, but they also warned that they’re going to try and move me along fast as they’ve picked up new clients that require use of that program. I’m a bit worried im going to be thrown into the deep end too fast. EDIT 2: Anyone here with Marketo experience care to share some insight on the certification process, and being a Marketo expert at your job in general? Tips? – by /hq/markyymark13 – –

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