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  • Order form plugin suggestions?

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  • SharonP

    November 27, 2019 at 3:39 am

    Hi, PROBLEM: I need to install a “order form” for a client on his WordPress website. The client’s business is based on helping school classes and sport teams sell his product by going door to door. The school classes and sport teams then get a commission from what they sell. Basically he earns money, and the classes earn money to their school trips etc. WHAT WE NEED: He want to have a form on the website that is adjustable so that the visitor can estimate how much they need to sell in order to reach their goal. So it needs a movable drag-meter where the customer sets their “sales goal” and then the form tells them automatically how many units of the product they need to sell per person. Therefore this calculation also have to be able to change based on how many people there are in the class/team. Do anyone know if there is a ready solution/plugin for this? Or if I have to contact a developer? Thanks in advance! – by /hq/Trendflow – –

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