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  • Our journey from a WordPress plugin with €0 revenue to €230k MRR in 3 years + we’ve just launched on Product Hunt today!

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  • Deborah

    October 29, 2019 at 6:47 am

    Hi guys – we’re a Paris based start-up developing Weglot, a website translation solution. What started out as a small WordPress plugin is now a full SaaS solution trusted by 50,000 users. We are excited to have Weglot live on Product Hunt today ( and I wanted to take this opportunity to give you a few feedback on our journey. We’ve spent the last three years working to develop a simple solution to translate any website that is literally foolproof and easy to use, no code and no developer time needed. We initially developed Weglot for WordPress, and then later on for Shopify. WordPress still remains our biggest CMS today. We were amazed by the first few feedback and trust we got from the WordPress community. We are more than happy to give back today by helping local meetups and WordCamps when we can. Our first and foremost goal was to eventually make all websites multilingual, no matter what CMS or non-CMS people were using. However, it wasn’t as straightforward as we had hoped. Funnily enough, we essentially had a universal version from the very beginning. Originally Weglot was just a Javascript snippet to copy/paste in your HTML page – but we quickly learned this wasn’t working for SEO. So we set aside the Javascript and set about creating separate integrations per CMS. It was at the end of 2018 that we started working on a universal translation solution for all websites. Frustratingly we ended up having to abandon our plans for a few months and go back to the drawing board after creating a solution that was just too developer orientated and not easy enough to use for non-tech website owners. After a few months, we found a solution. We designed a new way to integrate Weglot based on subdomains and reverse proxy. This allows us to provide a simple way to integrate Weglot which is also fully SEO compatible. Over the last three years, many lessons have been learned and in particular the last year of testing Weglot’s compatibility with all websites. What we took away from this product expansion was: Even if you move away from your mission temporarily, always keep your company purpose in mind Experiment – do not fear to fail, even after the beginning of the company Separate experiments from your main product and do it without marketing, this way you have nothing to lose if the experiment fails If you want to check Weglot out or leave us any feedback or support, check us out on Product Hunt! 👉 Cheers, Eugene – by hq overview huggyhuge – –

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