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  • Christine

    October 31, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Heyo hq overview! I have a CBD manufacturing company and we’re quickly outgrowing my ability to source salespeople based through my network. Manufacturing is rolling, and while sales are strong we just don’t currently have the manpower to grow at the pace I think is possible. Our pricing is some of the best in the industry to retailers and distributors, and we make a top-notch isolate product. Plus we’re expanding to flower, where we expect to really be able to beat competitors pricing and quality. We have a handful of high end products about to hit the market that would be ideal for certain types of shops nationally (think spas, massage parlors, tattoo shops), and I’m wondering if anyone has had success going with a cold calling company to sell a product directly to retailers/chains/distributors. If so, who did you use? While I’m definitely looking to add more 1099 salespeople working exclusively for us to the team, I think there’s no real downside to having a handful of professional cold callers that I can pay hourly plus commission trying to push these products on the desired audience. If it doesn’t work in the first month I can cut it out, but I imagine they’ll have success since our in-house people are doing well. Also wondering if there’s a site you use to effectively advertise commission sales jobs. If someone were to have a friend with 20 CBD stores, or 100 convenience stores, or something similar, they could potentially make a pretty solid annual wage just by making a few phone calls and not messing up that relationship. Is there somewhere I can put a help wanted of sorts, but for experienced 1099 salespeople? – by hq overview nolatime – –

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