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  • Own your data on the web – 3 startups are working on taking the web back from tech giants.

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  • David

    October 27, 2019 at 10:48 am

    This weekend I read in the WSJ that three startups are working on ways to empower consumers to own their data on the web. I found this pretty remarkable and decided to share it here. One is developing a protocol that makes your personal online data into a virtual USB memory stick. Your photos and other information can be shared and seen on a site of your choice, but will not be stored on that site’s servers. Another is working with blockchain, this startup is developing an overarching platform that would exist only as software on users’ devices, and information produced by users would only remain on their devices. The third is disassembling all the data underneath your data, such as a text message, so that only your message is communicated, not all the personal information that comes along with it. The aim of this technology is to prevent data-collection by big web companies. To comply with r/startups rules, I have not shared the names of these startups and omitted specific reference to their products’ names and acronyms. But if the moderators permit it, I will gladly do so because they represent a significant development for consumers and the tech industry as a whole (I can also share the link to the article if that’s okay). With all the antitrust activities and anti-big tech sentiments, these startups can get way more attention (and should get way more attention) if their technologies begin to show real impact. – by hq overview aaHBN – –

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