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  • Luna

    November 18, 2020 at 11:34 pm

    So boom, I’ve been flipping part time for like 5 months now and I’m slowing growing my eBay side hustle. I’ve brought it up with my tax advisor/ financial advisor because I’m making profit and need help with doing taxes. Every time I’m in his office tell him bits and bits here and there . So one day one of his customers comes in for financial advice and she says she wants to sell on Amazon. My tax advisor calls me for advice because he says that he is not very knowledgeable about flipping and have a little more knowledge than him. Before he called me he tried to convince her otherwise, but wasn’t trying to listen. I came in and explained the basics to her and the whole spiel. So I asked her what made her want to flip/resale and she showed me a YouTube video of some guy that sells on Amazon. He’s successful with it ig and you know how people feel about money. He prefaced the video by saying IIRC “that he lost around/over $20k”. This is where the brain damage begin to occur. She goes on to say that she wants to hire someone to run the company for her. Without anything else besides watching a YouTube video or maybe 2. She went out, opened an LLC, she had $2k for inventory, and has another $2k to hire someone to run the business for her. She doesn’t the business at all, never sold anything online, she’s bad with technology, money, and doesn’t want to actually learn about the business. She just want to buy products that look like they’ll sell in mass quantities. The video said to source from alibaba and buy mass quantities of items form a supplier. They guy in the video on talks about the prices of the items for a little. He doesn’t mention the shipping prices, tax, and import fees for the items. So far I get paid $50 an hour for my time and I have talked to her twice 1 hour each time. So far the first interaction was me trying to break things down for her and telling to start small like a $100 investment and buy things from local clearance sections to see that if she actually wants to do this. The second interaction was me and the financial advisor trying to convince her to not go through with this shitty plan. I just don’t get, the more I talk to her the more brain damage occurs. Ever since me and the financial advisor started convincing her other wise she started talking to other people to help her out with it. So even us saying no that this is a shit idea, just lead her to looking for someone else to tell her a okay. Atp the only person that can give her a reality check is either her family or maybe the supplier when she sees the total price. I posted in r/flipping, but idk this might be a better place – by /hq/FireBirdDown – –

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