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  • Arianna

    January 12, 2021 at 5:26 am

    The large blowfly that trapped itself in my room is making it hard to concentrate on my writing. Hurry up and die already.

    Part 4 here:


    After checking that the blank steel rectangle lined up correctly with the machine, Dave pressed the green button, stamping out another ground vehicle registration plate.

    This was the most painfully boring job he had ever done. It didn't pay much either, just a few credits a day. He would have quit within the first ten minutes if he had been able to.

    But that was the core of the problem with forced labour, quitting wasn't an option.

    He looked up from his station to look around the building while still working. The job was so depressingly simple he could do it without even looking anymore. Why didn't machines do this part as well? there was no need for an organic component.

    It was one huge room with maybe thirty prisoners working the industrial stamping machines. Actually, maybe that was the point, to teach work ethic and keep inmates busy.

    Dave's eyes fell on the one reason he had not refused to work entirely.

    The scrapheap of mis-cuts.

    Plenty of materials there to make himself a new, if crude screwdriver.

    He didn't need it for the protection any more, it seemed most of the other prisoners and even some of the guards gave him respectful nods these days.

    Dave needed a screwdriver to get the heavily reinforced vent covers off the wall, to hold up his part of the plan.

    That escape equipment on the dead inmate he had found ages ago was about to become very handy indeed…


    Everything was going exactly to plan Zol thought to himself.

    The tunnel was mostly complete, just a few more hours of digging before it was ready. The small handful of his chosen had their rations and change of clothes organised and on stand by, carefully hidden from the guards or worse, other prisoners.

    Even a distraction had been arranged, at no small cost in credits and favours.

    It had helped that his new position as leader of the Cult of Human gave him truly enormous sway.

    Well second in command, Bishop, to be exact.

    Technically Dave was its leader, even If no one was brave enough to approach him and let him know.

    It was actually how Zol wielded such authority amongst the gang, no one knew what Dave was actually saying on the rare occasions he spoke. And as the first to dare to approach him those fateful weeks ago, it had fallen to Zol to act as his mouthpiece, controlling, ruling and extorting on his behalf.

    Which was just fine with him.

    Everyone, even those in the cult were afraid and in awe of Dave, no one else dared to approach him directly.

    Which is why no one had found out that he had never told Dave of his new authority, or handed over Dave's cut of the profits.


    Except the food of course, Zol made sure Dave was kept fed. It kept the human complacent and helped reinforce his position by reminding everyone why they obeyed him.

    Seeing such a little being eat so damned much was a testament to its true muscular power, concealed beneath its worn green coverings.

    Zol had to remind himself sometimes that the human was sapient, being unable to communicate effectively had left him subconsciously thinking of him as a tame guard creature of sorts.

    Dave would undoubtedly kill him if he ever figured out that he was holding back his share of the loot.

    The gang would probably kill him if they ever found out he was playing them for fools.

    It was a narrow line to walk.

    As much as he enjoyed bossing others around, leaving ahead of the game would be the right choice.


    Making a simple screwdriver was the work of seconds, with the industrial pressing machines at Dave's disposal it almost took no effort either.

    Getting it back to his cell was another matter.

    The prisoners were searched by a guard every time they left at the end of each day, and not gently.

    Once a prisoner had been caught with a shiv, he had been tackled, beaten and sent to solitary. Not that it would really hurt Dave, but it would still get the screwdriver confiscated.

    He wracked is mind, there had to be a way.

    Then it hit him: There was a vulnerability in the guards behaviour when they caught someone.

    Bold, yet sneaky.

    It wasn't exactly to the original plan but he could improvise just fine.

    Smiling to himself, Dave quickly converted more off cuts into a weapon. Something sharp and big enough that it would not get passed the guards, even by accident.

    Now he just had to wait till closing time for the day.


    Zol placed the still dirty improvised digging tool beneath the mattress, knowing it would be found quickly there.

    But only if you knew where to look.

    It was a shame that he had to throw the hapless human into the line of fire, but no one else would cause a big enough response from the guards to be an adequate distraction.

    Now all he had to do was hope the bribes paid off and the 'surprise' search of Dave's cell was exactly on time.

    If not it wouldn't take much for the human to violently respond to his betrayal. Then Zol would become paste, just like poor old Jin.

    Shaking off this worrying train of thought, Zol crept off down the corridor, repeatedly telling himself all would go to plan.


    It had worked!

    The guards found the rather obvious machete Dave had poorly concealed, confiscated it, and thrown him in solitary – minus the beating, his reputation must be truly grand by now.

    All without checking him for any further concealed items.

    Smiling to himself, Dave pulled out the screwdriver and got to work on the vent cover. Once he had dropped the recovered escape gear off in friend Zol's cell as per the plan, perhaps he could check in with the guards kitchen again…

    There would be plenty of time for his little bonus raid before he needed to be back at the meeting point.


    Halfr was pleased with the way things had turned out.

    When he had learned that the human had been moved to solitary again, he knew there was no point in keeping up his end of the deal.

    The Dave was supposed to have been smuggling something back to his cell that would land him in trouble, but he had already been stopped with a rather wicked looking improvised knife.

    Why raid a cell for contraband if its occupants never returned there with the goods?

    The tip off was probably revenge of some sort, it just went to show you could never trust the gangers.

    At least he already got paid for doing nothing.

    It was a tough life being a guard.


    It was midnight by his reckoning, and there was no one else at the meeting point.

    Either he was late or it had been called off for some reason, Dave didn't know.

    Cursing, He climbed back into the vent, pulling the cover into place behind him to conceal his passing.

    Back to the solitary cell for now.

    It hadn't been a total loss at least, the guards food was so much better than the prisoners food, and of course he now had a shiny, new 'backup plan' screwdriver in his pocket.


    Chief Warden Rax examined the large knife that the human had been caught with.

    Crude workmanship to be sure, but it would still be effective.

    But that wasn't what worried him.

    It was the humans unabashed audacity.

    The knife must have been twice as large as any weapon that ever been confiscated in his domain. Its length probably made it more of a short sword to the diminutive human.

    To think it thought it would get away with it unnoticed!

    Did he think that the wardens guards could be fooled so easily?

    It was Insulting!

    How dare he!

    Rax ran this complex with clockwork precision and impenetrable security despite the poor conditions forced on him, with the overcrowding and all that.

    Shaking with anger, Rax opened up the humans file for what felt like the millionth time.

    Threat assessment low medium high Maximum, incarceration tier low medium high.

    – /u/RhoZie013 to -HFY

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