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  • Please tell me what’s wrong with my consulting business

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  • Christine

    October 25, 2019 at 3:47 pm

    Hey all. I’ve been working as a fractional CTO for the past two years now. I was fulltime CTO of a tech company, but I decided to quit when my baby was born to focus on family. I’m now running my own consulting practice as a fractional CTO, product strategy consultant, agile coach, and executive leadership coach. Over the past two years, I’ve tried many different things in terms of services, marketing, and networking to grow my business, but I feel like nothing seems to really stick. For my services, I offer myself as a fractional CTO to provide some strategic support to growing tech companies. So non-technical founders who are managing or outsourcing a dev team can hire me to provide some strategic oversight and mature the development process. Otherwise, if the company has a junior CTO who is more like a senior dev, I can coach the CTO to gain maturity around building and leading a team, building scalable architecture, and adopting agile development best practices. With regards to marketing, I attend local networking groups, I connect with people on LinkedIn and do many coffee/lunch meetings a week, and I post regularly on social media. I’ve built relationships with dev shops in town as a mutual referral agreement. I’ve got a vlog, blog, and podcast that I run as well. I even went so far as to write a book on product development to establish myself as an authority. I have yet to find any reliable source of referrals. I’ve asked clients point blank for referrals, and the answer is always “Sure! I’ll keep you in mind”, but then nothing comes of it. I get the occasional client online from my content marketing, but it’s not as much as I need. Is there something fundamentally wrong with my offering or my marketing strategy that perhaps I’m not seeing? I feel like my service is something every tech company could use, a mature technical leader who can teach maturity and best-practices to growing companies, but it seems people may not realize they need me. I’m also unsure why I’m not getting more referrals, since everyone I work with seems to like and respect me a lot. I may be grasping at straws here asking strangers on hq overview, but I feel like I may have some sort of blind spot or misguided assumptions that’s preventing me from gathering a reliable stream of clients. – by hq overview mostlyemptyspace – –

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