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  • Plugin architecture for 3rd party apps on a SaaS platform?

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  • Maverick

    October 29, 2019 at 10:33 am

    I have built and currently run an ERP type SaaS for a particular market niche, and we’re looking at introducing a plugin system so our clients are able to hire their own 3rd party developers to extend our platform’s functionality with 3rd party apps, similar to how Shopify’s apps work, and I’m looking for advice on how to architect it. We already have an open API (built with PHP) that can be leveraged by 3rd party devs. We’ll also likely need to roll out an event webhook system so 3rd party apps can react to events that occur in the native system. What I need advice/ideas about: A means to build widgets which can get pulled into our front-end somehow (front end is VueJS SPA). How should that work? Should we allow devs to write HTML/JS and then inject that into our front-end and eval() it somehow? Currently we do have widgets, but they are built by us and exist as native VueJS components that get compiled into our source. So that doesn’t really work for 3rd party widgets. Code repository? Somewhere to store 3rd party code — should we allow devs to upload js/html files which we can then parse and stick into our db, to be pulled out and run when their widget loads? Metadata store? I imagine devs will need kind of a mini-database to store their own meta-data like settings/etc to help their apps run — should we add a simple JSON based API endpoint that allows dev to CRUD data into it? Has anyone done anything like this before? Any ideas/advice? – by hq overview fuzzy40 – –

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