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  • Possibly a stupid question regarding ShipStation

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  • Teddy

    March 16, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    TL;DR – Will ShipStation submit a fulfillment with the best fitting warehouse based on consumers location if multiple warehouses are being utilized with FBA? So, I am in the process of opening up my own eCommerce store for a game I’ve created. I’ve been looking in to all sorts of different ideas and possibilities, and I’d like to try out ShipStation. I’m using Squarespace for my website, and the extension for ShipStation integrates well with what I’d like to do. I’m planning on using FBA for warehousing, and while I do plan on listing my items on Amazon, I also don’t want that to be the only route of purchase. Ideally, I’d like most of the sales done on my website. So here’s my question. If using ShipStation, will it automatically use the best warehouse location based on the consumer’s location? If things go well, the plan is to use warehouses in various countries. Just planning ahead here. I understand that you can link the various different Amazon markets (ie. US, UK, EU, AU, etc.) via the ShipStation extension. So, if a customer in the UK purchases an item, will it automatically pull and submit the fulfillment with the Amazon UK warehouse? I just don’t want a foreign consumer hit with a hard shipping and VAT charge if it pulls from a warehouse in the US. I realize this may be a stupid question… I’m new to this whole process, so any insight would be much appreciated. I’m also open to different ideas instead of my current plan. Thanks! – by /hq/TeamAcno – –

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