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  • Potential Employer Tries To Kill My Business, Has This Happened To Anyone Else?

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  • Jessica

    November 24, 2022 at 12:03 am

    Every now and then I’ll apply for jobs online that interest me, now that’s not to say I’ll take all of them or that I hate my small business but at the same time I’m always open to possibilities especially if they still give me time to run my small business or when it comes to things like insurance or healthcare since I’m a one-man team. Now recently I applied for an SEO specialist position at a remote company using the work and results I had created in the past from my small business as my digital portfolio and I figured why not since the line of work is what I do already and decided it was time to send it in. After applying I closed out Indeed and never really thought twice about it until they reached out to me saying they were interested in speaking with me more about the opportunity. At the meeting, I honestly felt like I was really falling in love with the job as we discussed day-to-day expectations, the pay was about $70,000 a year, with full benefits, and they would even allow me to get one paid massage every month courtesy of the company or if I turned it down they would pay $1000 for a life experience every year of my choosing. It sounded great but I had to ask “What about my business? Will there be a non-compete?” because often times many jobs get spooked by the fact that I own my own company and I could understand even more so one that exists in the same industry. The interviewer and owner explained to me that as long as I never contact any of their clients as this role is non-facing there shouldn’t be a problem; however, they would be closely monitoring my emails or interactions which was no problem for me as I had no plans of stealing any of their business. It all seemed so great, a company that cares about the life of its employees as well as my actual business. What could go wrong……. They sent me the contract and after reviewing it I noticed a non-compete in there and not just any non-compete but one that exclaimed my entire company would have to shut down if I planned to work there. The owner completely lied to me and when emailing her confused in the aftermath she explained how it was a necessity and her whole attitude had changed towards the subject. It’s almost like they were banking on me not reading the contract. I have clients who depend on me for their SEO and I love my business so I decided not to work there but it was a really scummy attempt at potentially closing off my business. – by /hq/RecLeagueHero24 – –

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