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  • PSA: Sketch can be used to edit PDFs

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  • Maverick

    September 11, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    TLDR: You can import a PDF into Sketch and it will put each page in an artboard and preserve layers. So I needed to edit a PDF today to redact some sensitive data. Having to edit PDFs is not something I normally have to do but I’m definitely not paying adobe $15 bucks a month for the privilege. At first I used a free online editor to put a black bar over the data. But sure enough the text was still under the black bar, and can be copy pasted if selected. So obviously this wasn’t going to work. I did some research and found no real alternative. Plenty of apps export to PDF, but nothing that could do what I need without paying up. I couldn’t use a screenshot of the document either. There was text that has to stay selectable for people to copy-paste, its just certain text that I couldn’t let them. I was at a loss. I work in IT, but I like to pretend to webdev sometimes. I bought Sketch a while back for some quick mockups, but I use it to edit images a lot too. Out of sheer desperation I took out my macbook. I thought maybe I could use Sketch to get an image of the document and work out something else to get editable text. But none of that effort would be needed. I imported the PDF as an image, and to my surprise it imported both pages, put each page on it’s own artboard, and preserved the layers! I could literally just delete the text I needed gone. The text even stays selectable after exporting it back. I mean it makes sense that it could do this, designers would find that feature useful, but devs use PDFs too. The only thing is that each artboard exports as it’s own file, so you have to combine them afterward. I found an online tool to do that, but obviously this makes it a little unrealistic to use for large documents. I showed it to a few friends and none of them knew it could do this. I didn’t see anything on the subhq overview about this so I thought I’d share. – by hq overview CMDR-Strayt3chman – –

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