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  • Question about cash handling for a small local theatre (performing arts)

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  • Charles

    October 29, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    Hi there! First time poster in this sub, I just started working at a small theatre and I’m in charge of scheduling and managing a crew of volunteers who work the box office. They have a ticketing system called Showpass, but it’s not a true Pos system. Meaning you can sell tickets from the system, but all tickets that are sold from the door are currently logged in Showpass as cash. Regardless of whether they’re paid for with cash or with a debit/credit. When I first started, they were doing a full cash out after each show and I wondered if that was necessary. They also kept a tally sheet of who came through the box office and paid via cash/card. Like a tick, for each person who passes through. They have a till, but it’s not popping open based on a sale, it’s available to be opened to make change etc. At first, I didn’t think it was necessary to have the tally sheet and the general manager agreed so they removed it. But then i found out that after each show the volunteers are adjusting the ticket sales so that the till balances… So since the tally sheets haven’t been there for a couple of days the cash out has been out like approx $30 and its a real puzzler as to where the error is. I mean, besides having volunteers in a cash handling position in the first place. The ticketing system showpass does integrate with Square payments, but I was on a chat with them and they said that you have to buy a new iPad (an older model wouldn’t work), download square software, physically ship the iPad to their office so they can do the integrating with Showpass and then they ship it back. This seems like quite the process. I feel like having a true pos system would help because they ticket totals are never round numbers due to tax and sometimes the quick math can throw a person. Similarly with all the ticket logged as cash, it would be better to have the true breakdown of payment types for tickets sold at the door. After each show there’s a form we fill out to indicate how many tickets are sold and the bookkeeper pays the groups/acts/producers based on those numbers. I would love advice on the best way to track and reconcile the cash with special consideration to the fact that there’s typically three shows per night and the amount the producer is paid is based on how many people attend each show. Sorry for the long post! The last time I did true cash handling was when I worked at HMV and I always balanced within a dime, and I’ve never been so perplexed with a cash system as this. Any insight available would be SO appreciated! This job is super awesome and the people are great, I want to create a work process that’s easy but accurate. – by hq overview Golf237Portland55 – –

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