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  • Question – Building a CRUD App for monitoring stock prices

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  • Maverick

    September 12, 2019 at 3:18 am

    Hi all, I am new to web development and to improve my programming skills and knowledge, I would like to create a personal project. This project would be like a portfolio CRUD application/investment tracker for FIFA20 players (think stock prices). Desirable features: User authentication (e.g. Facebook). User should be able to add players with the price bought to the investment list. User should be able to remove players from their investment list. Database should update the price of players periodically based on the content in Player table. Track price change by comparing bought price to current price. For now, I have identified three entities: ​ User User_player Player UserId (PK) UserPlayerId (PK, FK) PlayerId (PK, FK) Email UserId(PK) CurrentPrice Name Price AuthId User has a one-to-many relationship with User_player because one user can have multiple investments. User_player has a one-to-one relationship with Player. The main feature is that we compare User_player.Price with Player.CurrentPrice. If it is an increase, it’s a positive profit and vice versa. At this moment, I have managed to get the price of player and some metadata based on a web api endpoint by PlayerId, where the id is scraped from the website using Python. Technology stack suggestions: Front-end: React (never used but would like to learn it, which is one of the reasons for this project) Back-end: Flask? Node.js? Deployment: Heroku (PostgreSQL)? Firebase (NoSQL)? The questions I have is: Is the technology stack sufficient and not overly-complicated? Especially back-end, since the python script to get price based on PlayerId is written in Python. Is this too difficult and should I start with something simpler? I don’t have a lot of web-development experience. Is it possible to periodically update the database with the Python script (say once every 30minutes) in Heroku or Firebase based on the available players in the Player table? I have read that Firebase costs money with Cloud Scheduler, Cloud functions and Cron jobs. I am looking for a free alternative as this is only a hobby project. Is it possible to authenticate a user with Facebook, Twitter, Github etc. and add it to the database. This is to keep track of what you invest in in an account. Or is that not necessary? Are there any other deployment alternatives? Appreciate all the help and guidelines! BR – by hq overview Nowarez – –

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