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  • Random reminder to myself that turned into something more. : MGTOW

     Arianna updated 2 years, 9 months ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Arianna

    December 28, 2019 at 5:27 am

    No more discussions, she has rejected you and your principles. It’s useless and stupid to try to force her and a waste of time. Her choice. Keep going on and learn to be completely self sufficient so you don’t depend on anyone ever again, because no one will save you, they’re too busy caught up in the web of lies society indoctrinated into them since they were children.

    All that matters to them is pumping up their own ego so that they feel good about themselves, and then one day all their youth and energy is gone, and thanks to all the lies they’ve been telling themselves, they have nothing to show for it. Then they morph into bitter old hags, ugly on the outside and on the inside. And by then it’s too late…….

    Have some self respect. Do not let your potential be squandered by this shitty deal. And to everyone romanticizing the past based on Disney movies and old rom coms and films, realize that wasn’t exactly all roses either. It’s mind-blowing when you realize that women spend majority of their lives as ugly, old and saggy and wrinkled and nagging creatures, with only a few golden years which they milk men and society to acquire resources. Dear brothers stop deluding yourself.

    To put it in another way, the modern women has made an already bad deal even worse. They’re masculine, fat, used up after riding the carousel in their early teens, won’t give you any respect or authority and will constantly try and walk over you, cheat, carry tons of baggage, daddy issues, just lay there starfish style after a few months into the relationship, can’t cook, can’t hold a simple conversation, much less talk about the metaphysical and the deeper meaning of life.

    And if there is a unicorn that you happen to come across…. recognize that she can turn her back on you anytime because of the power granted by feminism, people change with time also so she just might transform into a fat blue haired feminazi screaming at you, and even if, and that’s a gigantic IF of cosmic proportions she doesnt backstab you, she’ll still turn old and withered when she inevitably hits the wall. Assuming she isn’t a chameleon masquerading as a unicorn in the first place!!!

    Take all of these logical red pills brothers, and digest them, slowly. Perform a risk/benefit analysis yourself and see if a one in a billion/trillion chance is even worth it. If it is, godspeed brother go and chase that golden unicorn, I just want to play a small part in making sure that you make an informed decision based on logic and reason, not a cocktail of hormones or what every blue piller has told you.

    TLDR: Stop deluding yourself, GYOW, AWALT, The wall is inevitable.

    Lastly my heartfelt and everlasting gratitude to MGTOW, I owe my life to this philosophy. Stay strong bros. We’re all gonna make it!

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