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  • Katie

    July 14, 2021 at 5:43 am

    Hello. I’m a 5th year Med student (23 years of age currently, in my country it takes 6 years of University to become a doc) and I’ve always been interested in business. Lately I’ve come up with an idea of creating an investing info website with an online e-book in my own language (not much info in it about investing currently) covering basically anything from the investing basics, psychology, all kinds of assets (stocks, crypto, etc), brokers etc and a monthly analysis of 2 stocks. I’ve been an investor for 3 years now and I absolutely love the field, that is why I’ve spent countless hours researching the topic and I know it takes a long time to learn all the important details, I’ve also written extensive stock analysis’ on eToro and people seemed to like them (500 likes on the best one with a quite small following back then). My solution therefore allows for an easy, relatively cheap (I’ve thought about pricing it at ~100$ for a 40-60 page e-book) and very logical easy-to-understand explanations. The only competitor currently that offers investment info in my language has 2 video courses (stocks – 50$, crypto – 150$) that are each 5 hours long and I’ve found out they make around 700-1000$/day with them. I’ve listened to one of their videos and wouldn’t say it’s the best. I’ve thought about making a medically-related e-book before that but found out there is way too much information on the internet about it and it’s hard to monetize it. How would you rate the idea about the investing e-book? Thank you! – by /hq/witty421 – –

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