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  • Refund policy concerning services, not goods?

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  • Charles

    September 13, 2019 at 10:18 am

    Please help: Our refund policy (or lack there of) needs some formalization. I was told, from the get-go we do NOT offer a refund for any reason; However, we always offer services provided. If you’ve paid for our services, you’ll get them 100% it just may not be on the exact day and at the exact time you want. This creates a problem as many customers/students are on tight timelines with little availability. (The nature of our business attracts struggling students with deadlines so they don’t tend to be the most organized or motivated.) I explain BLUNTLY before they pay that we can’t guarantee they’ll learn everything they need to know by their test date, before they leave for school, before they move, before their work schedule changes, etc. as we can’t really be sure how much teaching they’ll need. Still, time and time again a student (or rather, their parent) pays and then freaks out demanding a refund because they have to wait 1-2 weeks for an appointment. (Yes, I make the waiting period known – I’m very blunt – before they pay.) Given the nature of our business, customers need to pay BEFORE they are put in a cue for an appointment simply because missed appointments/lessons cost employees a lot of time/money. No-shows or last minute cancellations also result in no refund. Otherwise, our mobile teachers would be driving from A to B only to have students not be there and not have paid. (We have tried setting up appointments/lessons without collecting payment beforehand, but it resulted in so much time/money lost for the teachers as they are paid on a student by student basis.) However, if the boss is under pressure, he’ll tell me to offer a refund. Then he’ll complain and target me for not bringing in enough sales. I’m great at sales, lol. I tell people what to expect straight up because I, personally, don’t want their money if I can tell it’s not going to work out for them. That doesn’t help them, us or our reviews. So, concerning refunds and services provided: What should we do? What policy should we set up? OR should we make refunds on a case by case basis? Or should we just offer refunds freely? – by hq overview customerservicevoice – –

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