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Forums Forums Q & A Remember “I make $300K a year as a copywriter”? I did what the post said and just signed my first $10K project. Zero prior copywriting experience. One month from planning to signing. Documented entire journey on YouTube.

  • Remember “I make $300K a year as a copywriter”? I did what the post said and just signed my first $10K project. Zero prior copywriting experience. One month from planning to signing. Documented entire journey on YouTube.

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  • Christine

    September 11, 2019 at 1:32 pm

    Proof — imgur Hey guys — long-time lurker first-time poster. I always wanted to start a side business and finally got to it after finding the now-infamous series of posts from a guy making 6-figures in direct-response copywriting. Quick background — this past winter I came across this post claiming to be making $10K a month by writing online ads, as well as this post claiming to had made $30K doing exactly same thing. For a bunch of reasons I got super excited about the whole thing and felt like I had to try it. I remember I lost my sleep the night I found those — I clicked on every link in the comments and googled every mentioned name, course, book, concept, etc. This was all the way back to around December/January of 2019. Fast-forward to the end of July — I still haven’t done anything aside from getting excited about the idea mainly due to the demands of my day job and feeling burnt-out in general. This all however started to change when I figured I could start a YouTube channel to document my journey in copywriting. I was thinking about starting an educational channel for sometime then, but couldn’t decide on the exact content. At first I was thinking to make videos about how I went from washing dishes full-time in 2013 to building a decent career in finance. But the idea of building the content around my past didn’t feel that fun to me and this is where the copywriting came in handy — I figured, why don’t I start a side-business and document it as I go? This should be more dynamic and fun — and the accounts will be much more accurate compared to what now essentially are just fragments of my memory of how things have gone in the past. So anyways — the YouTube idea gave me a much needed boost in energy and I got to work. My background has to do with investing so I decided to focus on the financial niche. I’ve put together a quick plan based on the two posts I’ve mentioned earlier: (1) opt-in and study every financial sales-letter I can find by clicking ads, (2) write a mock-up financial copy that I could use to promote myself to publishers, (3) build a list of publishers and connect with them on LinkedIn, and (4) reach out to publishers and see who might be interested in doing some projects together. After I made my first video I came back to hq overview and found the “$300K posts” on r/Entrepreneur and r/digitalnomad — and those came super handy as they had much more details than the first two posts, but the overall idea is all the same — by the way, not that it’s not obvious already, but all these posts were made by the same person. (there is actually one more relevant post from the same person that has to do with the technical aspect of copywriting, it’s useful — here it is — link.) Anyways — I did exactly as the posts advised and just signed my very first sales-letter project that pays $10K (+ one year commission). (it also actually ended-up being $7.5K due to a 25% discount I offered since this is our first project together and I got nothing real in my portfolio). Overall it took me about a month to go from the initial planning to signing. Now — one thing worth clarifying is that while I did have zero copywriting experience, I had plenty of experiences that are quite relevant to this — research, pitching stock ideas, general salesmanship, online marketing, and etc. — so while this is a new niche for me — I had a lot of stuff going that I could leverage here. So — all this is not to say that it would be reasonable to expect everyone to have the same results under the same timeline (or any positive results at all for that matter). But one thing is for sure — the guy who wrote the posts I’ve mentioned is legit and gave out incredibly valuable information for free. So if copywriting is something that you can see yourself doing — congrats, because you have a free access to information that would cost $3-$5K on the market if packaged as a course. Now — most importantly — none of this has anything to do with “get rich quick” — while I did go from nothing to making money in a short period of time in this specific instance — this was only possible because I did a lot of useful work during the last 6 years since I graduated from university. I washed dishes, sold apparel, did a number of unpaid work, contract work, did every piece of work very well even if it was outside of my job description, and a ton of other more marketing/investing related stuff. This copywriting situation is just where all that random work came together and allowed me to do well. In fact, one of my main goals for the channel is to show people that not everyone gets rich fast — sometimes you do stuff that might not make much sense to you but it can lead to some interesting places down the road — places you are not even aware of right now but that are actually the very best for you in the long-term. So don’t give-up and just do your part — things will work out — making money is not the hardest thing under the sun so try not to stress stress out too much — it might just take a bit of time. Anyways — here is a link to the latest video and feel free to ask questions here — I will try to answer as much as I can. (just to clarify — I’ve been documenting on YT since early August from the very beginning — so there are 5 videos in total as of this week — and the latest video is probably still being processed by YT so might be a potato quality for a bit) Good luck everyone! tl;dr — basically title. P.S. — I don’t know the author of the original posts personally and he is not paying me in any way. In fact, I’m the one trying to get him to take my money in exchange for help with my writing (through an email he provided in his last video). I also signed-up for his slack group but it’s not live yet. P.P.S — If you’re a proven direct-response financial copywriter who is down to help out a less experienced guy — let’s connect please — I would be happy to work with someone to improve my copy. – by hq overview zapzap101 – –

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