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  • Remove health content on a lifestyle website to recover from Google Medic algorithm?

  • Jacob

    July 30, 2019 at 7:03 am

    I run a lifestyle website that publishes content in a number of verticals – health, home, lifestyle. One day I could publish content about home remedies for clearing mucus, and then the next I could publish an article about getting rid of aphids in the garden. Prior to the Google Medic update last August, I was getting 120,000 visitors from Google EVERY SINGLE DAY. The traffic was split amongst health content, gardening content and other home and lifestyle content. With the August update, traffic halved over night across all content and the website has been pounded with every single update since (apart from one in March) so that now traffic is just 4,000 visitors per day. That’s a 97% drop. I have about 1200 articles on my site with about 100 probably considered to be health content – e.g. home remedies for various ailments, signs of magnesium deficiency etc. And then probably about 300 articles that have some relevance to health – e.g. benefits of drinking beet juice, reasons to put coconut oil on your skin etc. The rest is home and lifestyle content – there’s a lot of natural pest control articles (e.g. natural ways to keep wasps / spiders / mosquitoes / flies out of your home) – and a lot of gardening content – e.g. how to grow rhubarb / asparagus / beets etc, best veggies to grow in the shade etc. NONE of my content ranks anymore – no matter what the topic. It might get some longtail traffic – but I have no top 10 rankings for any highly searched keywords. So I’ve come to the conclusion to strip away all health content – starting with the most serious – and see if I can recover rankings for my gardening, home and lifestyle content. I want to ask: what is the best way of doing that? I could remove the health content in it’s entirety – but then how do I structure it for Google? 301 redirect to home page or just noindex? Or I could keep the content on the site but just noindex the pages. This would be beneficial as I have a lot of Facebook pages and I drive a lot of traffic to my health content. I’d love to hear from others who have been in a similar situation and what they’ve done. Or from anyone who has any opinions on the above. – by hq overview jp-292 – –

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