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  • brianwebs

    December 27, 2019 at 10:15 am

    Hello, as part of either my work or my personal interests, I sometimes bump into a topic that would be worth a good article that actually doesn’t really exist, and I could make easily a 1-2000 thousand words post about it. However, it clearly doesn’t warrant a blog on its own, and clearly doesn’t fit on my blog (which has a specific topic unrelated). Let’s say it’s a comparison of some document tracking software for academic or personal research. Or I want to write a in-depth review of the evolution of whatever subtopic I am spending the month consulting for.

    Since the post could potentially bring some revenues, through affiliation sometimes, but sometimes just through advertisement, what would be the best strategy to publish and SEO it?

    I was thinking, maybe use a one pager website, but it seems it is not really worth it in terms of SEO since that would be a one pager, also it would require spending at least the domain name.

    Another solution would be to put it on some dedicated publication like Medium (or a Medium-based community more fitting the niche), with the platform potentially giving some stipend depending on the viewers, but I’m not sure it fits an advertising revenue model.

    So all in all, what’s your opinion on the best way to monetize such a content, where to put it and how to SEO it?

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