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  • BusinessMag

    October 25, 2021 at 9:58 am

    I have a small VPS and I’m looking into some free tool to help me manage I tried Ajenti and Vesta CP. Ajenti was a long time ago but it kinda let me down. Vesta was pretty good but for some reason the vps was starting to have errors after some time After a while I stumbled upon TinyCP. Great small project but it also lacks some things. I like that it integrates letsencrypt to easily generate ssl certificates from a gui. For some reason the mail server is down and when I generate a ssl for a specific domain it creates it with a different common name. I did notify the developer in the past and the problems were solved in less than a week so it has good support. But I kind of don’t have time now for all of this interaction. I need to be able to quickly create domains / subdomains, generate SSL for them and also creating proxies like when I am running a server on port X to be available on a subdomain like Also a stable mail server would be great. Do you guys know any other free tools (or relatively cheap) or am I better off learning to manage it from the terminal? – by /hq/capraruioan – –

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