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  • Margaret

    August 27, 2021 at 9:13 pm

    So a bit of background. My wife and me were looking at purchasing a manufactured home at one point (We are no longer). However the HUD tags were all removed from the home during a remodel. This is a big no-no and our Loan wasn’t going to be approved without this information. Due to a complicated history of the house there is no documentation that can assist in getting that information that is readily available. (They have been trying for about 4 months)… We wanted to be aggressive so I rolled up my sleeves and with a bit of creativity, managed to find enough information to get an agency (IBTS) to give me a letter of verification for the HUD tags. Suddenly we could finance it but due to some other issues decided not too pursue it anymore. Now they still do not have the information and thus are not able to sell the house, so they want to buy the documents I have off of me… I am not wanting to be greedy so am only looking to recoup the couple hundred dollars I spent on obtaining the documents. The buyer is wanting me to send images but then I would have given up what I am trying to sell. So I will send him redacted images… Is there some premade document out there that is for a transaction of this nature? I don’t want to go through an expensive lawyer if i am only selling for a couple hundred bucks… TLDR. Is there a document that is legally binding that is for a sale of information? ​ THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! – by /hq/Business_Zeather – –

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