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  • Sending forms in .pdf format

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  • Deborah

    October 30, 2019 at 1:03 pm

    So currently I have this one client who wants to build a website for his clinic.. The client wants to have a page where the patients would be able to set appointments with the doctor.. Before filling up the appointment form, the patient would need to fill up a 14 page pdf form before the patient is able to set up an appointment.. ( my client has the PDF ready ) I was wondering if there is any way where the patients would fill up the PDF file without downloading it, filling it up, scanning it back and uploading it again, then submitting it to the doctor? If there isn’t, then do I have to create the form manually and the doctor would receive the input via email ( it’s tedious work )? Assuming that there is no plugin for that, whenever I create the form for the patient to fill in, once done filling it up and the user keys in the submit button ( the doctor would receive this on his email when the form is being – ), how do I make sure that the doctor receives the form in terms of PDF? The purpose of this is so that when the patient comes over to the clinic for appointment, the doctor would just print the PDF form and they ( doctor and patient ) are ready to go.. No time wasted there.. On top of that, let’s say that the patient wants to book a time slot ( Monday 9am to 12pm ) for Doctor A, but the time slot has already been booked by someone else ( by another patient ).. The only option left is for the patient for is to set an appointment for Doctor B.. Is there any specific plugin to cater this? Or maybe the patient would be able to check which time is available for that particular doctor before setting an appointment.. p/s I’m new into WP and I have to admit that there are many things I don’t know.. I would appreciate it if you guys would ELI5 me on how to tackle the issues above.. p/s I’m planning to use Divi, if that matters.. Thank you very much & pardon me for the long essay.. – by hq overview Patelzz_007 – –

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