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  • Setting up a focus group company in university?

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  • Christine

    November 4, 2019 at 12:32 am

    Hello /hq/entrepreneur . I currently studying in a university and I want to create a company that conducts focus group for companies. I realised that there is a resource that we have that is not being utilized to the fullest, the student population. Our university is quite special due to its presence of international students from all over the globe. Companies in this country have an issue that the domestic market is stagnating and that many of them are looking to overseas market for expansion. I believe that we are able to give them valuable insights into this area. Our university is not exactly top tier but is famous for our international-ness. I believe that we are also able to provide adhoc consulting in regards to marketing/ business development, and data analysis if the need arises. I have spoken to a few professors who are keen to help out and consult if the need arises. We have some limitations that we are not located near the city and that the segmentation of the focus group would be very niche at the 18-22 range. Also quite unsure about lead generation for now. However I am liaising with a company for a pilot test so I am aiming to start small and grow dynamically. Does anyone have any experience regarding such a service? Or any thing that I am missing. – by hq overview iedaiw – –

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